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The Stress of Study Spaces

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Term 3 is well and truly underway and we all know what this means: the dreaded search for library seats. After spending 3 years experiencing the stress of finding a space to study during term 3, I hope this blog will help uncover some study spaces you might not have thought of! So we can spend less time roaming around floor 3 and more time in your own seat procrastinating on YouTube!


The trials and tribulations of the library…

If you’re getting ready to start revision the first place you’re going to want to be is the library, but if you’ve ever experienced a term 3 at Warwick you know this isn’t the easiest feat. A lot of the floors get full up from 7am which – especially if you live in Leamington – isn’t particularly handy! If you do work best in the library the best choice is to either get in very early and fit a few hours into the morning; or head to the library after the busiest hours of the day (7pm onwards). The MyWarwick app is also extremely useful in term 3 for seeing which floors are busiest and booking a seat so you’re ensured a place to work! 

Department work spaces…

If you’re lucky enough to have a department with its own study spaces these can be some of the best places to get studying. Being part of a small department means we don’t have a dedicated study space, but luckily our department and society arrange study rooms during the term for us all to study in so check to see if your department does the same! Otherwise, have a look around some other departments to find study spaces; the new Stats building is a really good environment to work in and is usually nice and quiet!

Other study spaces…

Other study spaces to keep in mind are the ones you might forget about (or can’t be bothered to walk there!). For example, you can usually get a seat in uni house because it’s a bit too far for people to walk to between revision lectures etc. Westwood also has study rooms of its own that you can go and use with ease! Sometimes walking that little bit extra is worth it for a nice quiet space with guaranteed plugs!

Leamington learning spaces…

For those of us living in Leamington, finding somewhere to study can be a bit more challenging. The grid is a good option because you can turn up or book desks, leaving your study times a bit more flexible! There’s also a study space in the pump rooms, as well as a library in Whitnash if you don’t mind travelling a bit further out! 


I hope this gives you all some inspiration on where to study when you’re totally sick of lingering around the library. Good luck with exams!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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