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The start to Year 3

So the summer holidays are finally over and I’ve decided to do another blog post. I didn’t blog at all over the past three months as there was so much going on within my personal life that I couldn’t even think about blogging. There were some unfortunate series of deaths within the extended family and on top of that working full time over the summer has left me completely shattered. On the bright side, Term 1 of Year 3 has finally started! I must say I have missed all my uni friends and having lectures even. 

I must admit that the start of Year 3 has had a lot of lectures, but apparently it will lessen over the coming weeks (so I’ve heard). Other courses and future years may have different timetabling. However, I am rather enjoying the Analytical and Physical modules right now. I must give credit to the lecturers at this point for keeping both these modules very interesting. Not to say the others aren’t. The Chemistry department has some excellent lectures and the teaching quality has always been of high quality. After all, Warwick has been ranked 4th in the Times for Teaching this year.

I remember in Year 1 chemistry, I was really excited about Quantum numbers and Spectroscopy. When Year 2 came, I enjoyed learning Solid State, Russell Saunders terms and Organometallic chemistry as well as Statistical Mechanics. Now in Year 3, I will most likely come across a variety of parts that I find amazing, but for now I’d just rather enjoy the content I am learning.

With my career prospects, I have just told myself that it’s better to not plan and take decisions in the moment than relying on things to happen or getting into certain schemes/courses. In this way I can avoid getting hurt by something I really want, but also may make a more informative decision that way. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try when I find something I like, but I also wouldn’t dwell on it if it doesn’t turn out well. I know this statement I have made is easier said than done and reality is that it will probably take me time to handle rejections etc, however life has so many opportunities to offer- there are further study opportunities in diferent fields that I may find of interest. There’s jobs out there for people from all range of backgrounds, hence I think it is important to  try and grab an opportunity that I would potentially enjoy. I was going to be applying to medical school this October, but have decided to postphone this as I don’t feel prepared enough to apply.  

For those of you that have just started at Warwick, feel free to ask any questions if you have any. Also UCAS applications are open again and if anyone is considering starting at Warwick, please comment below or message me personally.






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