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The SSLC (who we are and what we do)

Hi everyone!

As a member of the Economics SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee), I often get asked about what we do and who we are; I’ll try to answer these on this blog post. One of our current tasks within the SSLC is to ensure our peers know a bit more about us so I thought my blog page would be a great place to start!

The main aim of the course representatives on the SSLC is to solve issues students may be facing. We run meetings where we discuss how to solve such problems related to teaching, learning, the course, student support etc. Departamental staff will also ask for our feedback on various ideas they have so it is a great environment to receive feedback on their proposals. At the start of the year we had a training session where I met course representatives from other SSLC committees including: Arts, Languages, Sciences, postgraduate, and business school students; there is an SSLC for almost every course! There are about 30 students in the Economics SSLC from different years and economics-related courses. I thoroughly enjoy attending the meetings and will continue being a course rep next year; it’s made me feel much more involved within the department; which I love the feeling of.

One of the issues we have recently discussed in our meetings is how many people don’t know what the SSLC does (apart from hold meetings with amazing free lunches; which is true)! One of our duties as course reps is to maintain a dialogue with students on our course throughout the year so we have come up with ideas to do this more efficiently. For example, the chair and secretary will be running coffee and cake style meetings where students can informally chat about issues they may be experiencing; this will be a similar style to the coffee and cake chats the Economics department hold. If this works well, we will hold them with various students from the SSLC, and there are also plans to have online forums etc.

We also recently talked about timetable clashes(which are a lot more complex than I imagined) as it is through SSLC meetings that we are able to inform staff of any issues. At Warwick you can choose your optional module from any department, hence it is very difficult to avoid all clashes due to university restrictions on how many core lectures a student has timetabled each day. Luckily my timetable works perfectly- even though my optional module Spanish for International Business is quite an unusual one as I’m the only Economics student who does it. I get Fridays off and I have no class earlier than 11am (which is great to avoid the rush hour traffic at 8am), and in most cases everything runs smoothly. At Warwick, you can choose your seminar times so you can structure your timetable around your lifestyle; I prefer having busy days and Fridays off, whilst others opt for shorter days.

In addition, Helen Riley (the Economics and Law librarian) asked for our advice on how to improve the library’s resources and makes us aware of useful information which we can pass onto other students. For example, I found out in our last meeting that if there is any book I want which they don’t stock or there aren’t enough copies of in the library, she will try to purchase more. The last meeting we had was a couple of weeks ago and one of the main points on the agenda was regarding the Economics Module Evaluation which all students completed at the end of term 1. There were general issues addressed which had been brought up through the evaluation forms which the staff at the meeting summarised and we discussed how we can improve upon potential areas. On the whole, students were really happy with the department, academic teaching and support. There are also larger issues where course reps across all departments will work alongside the Students’ Union to solve. We have been campaigning to ensure lecture-free Wednesday afternoons so students can meet up with their societies, attend sport competitions and make the most of volunteering opportunities.

I love being part of the SSLC and it is just one of the many ways in which you can get involved within the Economics Department. It’s made me realise how much the department values student welfare, whilst valuing our suggestions. If you’d like to know who your course reps are, you can find them under the course representatives section on the Warwick SU website. We’re all happy to listen to any suggestions and problems you may have so please let us know and we can try and help out wherever possible!

See you all soon 🙂 x

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