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The Sociology Society

Hi everyone, I’m sure all you second years are starting to feel the work pile up now, especially with formative essays just round the corner, I know that I am but it keeps me busy and that can’t be a bad thing! I just thought I would touch upon the Sociology Society in this blog for those of you who don’t know what it is about or are interested in joining.

Basically, joining SocSoc looks really good on your CV as it shows your interest in getting involved in extra curricular sociology, you are able to meet a whole range of new people who may be able to help you with any work you are struggling with, plus it can get you away for the realm of sociology through the events they put on each term.

In order to join SocSoc you need to go onto the Student Union website and pay £19 to the Societies Federation in order to join any society and then its only £1.50 for SocSoc! It’s also important during freshers that you go to the societies fair and sign up to the email list as this enables you to receive all the upcoming news and events. You generally receive a weekly email with dates and times of events so make sure you look out for them!

This year I have already received several emails and been to all of the events that SocSoc has put on for us sociology lot! For example, during week 2 about 20 of us went bowling which was an absolute laugh! It only cost £10 and that include 2 games of bowling plus food (which wasn’t just snacks, we got burgers, garlic bread, chips and chicken nuggets). It was a great evening to get out and mingle with new people. Last week, me and my sociology friend went to the Careers Fair, which was specifically set up for Sociology students! I definitely recommend going if another one comes along, there are loads of opportunities and different organisations that you can get involved or hopefully land a job in, after you graduate.

Tonight, SocSoc is going Circling, for those of you who don’t know what Circling is basically we meet at 7pm on campus to play drinking games. What’s great about sociology is they are really relaxed and don’t pressure anybody into drinking, you are encouraged to drink what you want. So this goes on till about 10 after which, POP starts (I am mega excited since I loved POP so much last year) and they have such cheesy music, I love it! POP finishes at 2am but there are buses now that leave around 2am for 2nd/3rd years to be able to get back to Leamington without spending money on a taxi! So that’s tonight, we have also all been offered the chance to vote for a charity that SocSoc will donate to, this is also great to mention on your CV as SocSoc is not just about putting on social events!

So this is just a flavour of what SocSoc has to offer, there will be more and more events coming up, if you are interested in getting involved email some of the committee and they will be able to help you out. Hope this is useful please email me if you have any questions:

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