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The rest of summer…

So having spent the last year working pretty much. I’ve worked every holiday for as many weeks as possible at the school I work at. After my exams I worked for 2 weeks and since I’ve been on my internship. Now I am shattered. Fortunately I’ve had met a lot of good people on the internship and I have friends in London also doing internships so I’ve been kept busy and happy.

But that still doesn’t mean I am not looking forward to finishing. I haven’t seen my friends from home for a long time and it’s been far too long since I’ve slept in my own bed. I miss the greenery of Yorkshire and my Dad’s cooking. I guess it won’t be long until I am back just one more week.

So what am I doing this weekend? And what am I going to do with the rest of my summer? This weekend some friends are coming down and we are going to do some of the final things that I need to do before I leave London. It’s a shame I haven’t done more but I haven’t had a minute; it that makes sense! I’ve been so busy but still not done enough. I am sure there will be plenty more weeks in London somewhere in my future. So we are going to go one of the museums or the casino to play poker. Then it’s important that we get a night out in while we are down here (making me more shattered). Then it’s my final week which is going to be quite high pressure thanks to the presentation I mentioned previously.

After I finish, I am going to leave London on my birthday (next Saturday); on the Friday night I will be able to spend the last day with my friends from London. I know that at the end of the internship we are taken out. It looks like we are headed to SkyBar (the picture if it loads is the view).

After I am going to sleep for a few days and see my friends who have recently been away without me. Spend some time catching up with them and seeing some people I haven’t seen for a long time due to having years abroad etc. I have a pile of books to read that are staring at me as I type. Then I guess I need a holiday of some sort. Being a history nerd there’s a few sites I really need to see. I am looking forward to dragging some of my less enthusiastic friends along with me although we have been talking about booking to go to Rome which I think would take less prompting.

Then guess what… its back to work for me as I am working six weeks at school then back to MORSE. I am looking forward to meeting this year’s intake of hopefully all passing mathematicians. The students I had last year were extremely receptive and all passed. I went to the schools prom previously where I had a million photos taken with my students. I feel like I should be complaining but I seriously enjoy it. I just can’t wait for that fortnight at home.

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