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The reality of week 1.

I’m already ill, and recovering. It’s been such a busy week, catching up with everyone, going on nights out, being introduced to my honours level degree. It’s all pretty intense and I’ve been given a fast wake up call to focus and remember, as every day passes, I’m getting closer to the end of my 2nd year.

2nd year is worth 40% of my final degree, so I do need to be on top of things. Currently, I’m juggling warwick bhangra, my save the children ambassador role, and I have recently considered joining hip hop society. Let’s see how it goes. 2nd year is different since you end up having alot of free time on campus because yore waiting for your afternoon lecture. USE THIS TIME WISELY! Get ahead of work and catch up on anything you have missed.

Living in Leamington is brilliant, I live in a house of 10. And it is madness, but it encourages me to be strong in order to distance myself when my work load increases. The endless shops, bars and restaurants are so tempting and may seem harmless but bite into my weekly budget quite quickly.

I hope all freshers are enjoying their first week, I encourage you to go to as many societies as possible (especially classics society) because that’s how you’re going to meet like minded people and ultimately good friends.

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