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The quiet campus spots you need to enjoy

Emily Alger United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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One of the reasons I chose Warwick was for the greenery. Every year I sit outside around campus and revise. As exams approach I will certainly be doing the same this year!

This year, more than most, getting outside is so important. As there is some glorious weather coming our way, this article seems the perfect way to encourage you to get outdoors! Here are some photos I’ve taken across the years at my favourite green spaces around campus – you should check them out!


Lakeside will continue to be my favourite area on campus. If you can get used to the geese, there’s a great (you guessed it) lake which surrounds the accommodation blocks of Lakeside and Heronbank. It is especially quiet during the day and there’s a lot of benches available so you can sit and have some time away from your desk.

A 10 minute walk from main campus, Lakeside is slowly becoming more integrated within main campus now the new sports centre is only a few minutes away. There are also some great walking routes out of main campus from Lakeside and Sherbourne area so I would encourage you to get out a map and explore the surrounding area.

Windmill hill

Behind Cryfield village and near the Sports Centre is Windmill Hill. As well as being used for some events, it’s also another quiet field area 5 minutes away from main campus. Perfect for picnics and watching the sunset

Bluebell Woods

Behind Bluebell and at the crossroads heading to Gibbet Hill there are more benches by another lake! Once again this path is somewhat ruled by geese and you can travel along the path in a circuit from Claycroft to Lakeside. It makes a great running route and has well lit paths. If you’d like an alternative route, head up to Gibbet Hill and see The Koan – you haven’t been to Warwick unless you’ve given it a visit at least once.

The Sculpture Trail

If you would really like a long, purposeful walk across campus – check out the Sculpture Trail. There are over 900 pieces of art around campus including ceramic and large scale sculptures within main campus and surrounding areas. It’s a great way to introduce you to the vast campus at Warwick!

See here for the route:

Campus covers over 900 acres – there’s such a wealth of area to explore and find your favourite spots!

Check out this site for varied walks in campus and the surrounding areas:

I for one certainly find it difficult to take time out of my day to have a break and a walk. Maybe a good way to start is by heading to a location to revise. The walk there has purpose and is a great way to get some exercise in too!

Emily Alger United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emily Alger | Mathematics and Statistics (BSc MMathStat) Contact Emily

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