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The perfect bubble – the best things about living on campus in your first year.

Your first year at university is often romanticised. Many see it is their first step into their own independence, some believe it will be when they meet the love of their life, and some think it will be the drunkest they’ve ever been. But first year is more than all these individual things, it’s an opportunity to explore life and do things you wouldn’t have even considered doing back home. At Warwick, our amazing campus makes this even easier than other less idyllic campuses and cities other universities are situated in. First year is a wonderful year, and here are a few things you should take advantage of when living on campus in your first year.

Events on campus/Rock up and play Whilst living on campus, you’re able to make crazy decisions at the last second. With sports offering rock up and play free for first years, and many events taking place on campus, you’re able to be spontaneous and go do something different. In my first year, this included playing basketball for the first time after I had walked through the door 10 minutes before leaving and joining in a salsa class in Terrace bar on a Tuesday evening. Whilst living off campus there is opportunities to be spontaneous, they must be found and taken advantage over, whereas on campus they’re placed right on your doorstep and are easier to take advantage of.

Easy access to the library Last year, the amount of times I would be writing an essay and realise I needed an extra book or had taken one back and forgot to reference is far too high. For me now, that is an hour round trip to get a single book. Last year it would have taken me 5 minutes. I am also the type of person who can’t study in their room, because I get way too distracted, so having the library be easily available to me meant I was able to go do work somewhere I could focus without having to make a big effort to leave the house. It was convenient, quick and easy to study which is what you need when you’re setting yourself up for an all-nighter writing 3,000 words on the expansion of the Ottoman empire. Being able to go the library at any time is extremely useful and use it to your advantage.

Halls style of living Living with your friends in the second and third year in a house is brilliant, but nothing can compare to living in halls. Having your independence for the first time, with the freedom and responsibility that brings, is a brilliant experience. However, the lifestyle you live in halls is one separate to the one you will live at any other point in your life. Being in a small corridor with all your friends leads to some brilliant and stupid decisions, ones which you should fully embrace. For example, we would often play pranks on each other’s rooms, such as emptying my flatmate’s entire room (bed included) into the kitchen, where we reassembled it perfectly like his room. Halls is the perfect mix of having adult freedom and responsibilities, but still being able to have fun and enjoy yourself before our childlike innocence is fully gone.

SU Nights out Never again will you have such a hub of student drinking as close to your doorstep as you do in halls. Whether that is a spontaneous Sunday evening spent drinking in Terrace bar, the highlight of your social week at Pop or the welcomed variation of a Saturday school days, all of Warwick’s campus nightlife is an experience which must be embraced with all the tragedy that comes with it. Almost everyone I know has their first Pop story where they got with someone in their seminar and never made eye contact with them again, or that one time they went for a “quick drink” at the dirty duck and missed all their lectures the next day hungover. These are moments you laugh about and share for years to come, and they add such a sense of joy and wonder to your academic studies, it almost makes that Thursday 9 am worth it (almost).

Being able to walk to your lecture theatre in less than 5 minutes. I cannot overstate how wonderful this is. Waking up at 8:50, showering and still being early to my 9 am was my standard Wednesday morning for the entirety of first year. Now, to make my Monday 9 am, I must be up at 7 and on the bus around 8:15 and that is pushing it. Being able to live your life without planning it around public transport is a luxury you don’t know you have until its gone. In addition, being able to walk home between lectures is wonderful. My Monday’s currently I have a 9 am and then nothing until 2 pm, leaving me Sat in the library trying to do work all day, which is so inconvenient and tedious. Last year, my friend and I were playing FIFA when I had to leave for a lecture, so we just paused the game and resumed when I got back. The flexibility this brings into your life exacerbates the amount of freedom you have, please enjoy every last-minute lie in you have before it is too late.

First year is very often the best year of a lot of people’s lives. It is a complete menagerie of complex and wonderful emotions, one full of crazy experiences and unforgettable memories. Embrace every aspect of it and take a second every now and again to appreciate how lucky you are to be living the life you are living.

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