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The One with the Waggly Tail

I’m a big softie when it comes to cute animals, and I’m more of a dog person than a cat person – so while I spent my last blog talking about CATs, I’ll spend this one showing you some dogs.

I grew up with pets, and it can be a little bit strange to adapt to life without a furry friend every time I come back to uni. My parents have three Cocker Spaniels, from left to right, they’re called Bertie, Blue and Barney. The photo’s a couple of years old, so Bertie is fully grown now, but hardly ever sits still long enough to take a photo!

Bertie (as a puppy), Blue and Barney

Ever since he was little, Bertie has had a weird fascination with bags for life, and will find them and drag them around the house to wherever he wants to nap.

Bertie sleeping in a bag for life

Because it’s a campus university, the vast majority of people you see at Warwick are either students or staff. When I was living on campus in first year, I remember seeing someone walking a dog outside Senate House, and then I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a dog… While living on campus, it’s pretty easy to not leave campus because everything you need is right there, leading to the famous “Warwick bubble” – that means that you might not necessarily see some totally ordinary things unless you venture out.

That’s not to say there’s no way of seeing (and stroking!) dogs on campus though. The Library regularly organises sessions with Pets As Therapy dogs, and the SU has been known to host similar sessions in the past as well. Basically, you put your name down through the online system, and then get to spend a while in the company of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Lots of dogs!

Meet Yogi! He’s one of the PAT dogs, an absolutely massive Newfoundland dog, and as gentle and fluffy as they come. His nose was nearly as wide as my hand, and he really does look like a big teddy bear.


The sessions with the PAT dogs in Term 3 are on 3 of May and 14 of May, and are open to students only. I’d definitely recommend checking it out because it’s a lovely way to destress and meet some very friendly dogs and their equally friendly owners! The sessions are free to go along to, but there’s an opportunity to donate to PAT while you’re there.

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