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The National Student Survey (why your voice matters)

Hi everyone,

I have previously mentioned the “National Student Survey” (NSS) in my posts. However, this is for those in my cohort who will be graduating this year to encourage you to consider participating in the survey.

If you don’t know what the NSS is, it is an annual census of students across the UK conducted to produce data on institutions successes and areas for improvement.

PAIS take the results of the NSS very seriously. Having spoken to some of the staff in the department regarding the survey, I can assure you that they really do care about the findings and want to hear from as many students as possible so that everybody is heard. Not only that, but the department and university as a whole do a really good job at mentioning what they achieved through the results of the NSS so that you can see exactly how you helped to make a difference. For instance, previous results of the NSS found that reading lists can be improved, and they are now much more efficient to use! The library is now open 24 hours a day after a huge interest from the NSS results. Warwick Volunteers even introduced single volunteering opportunities after finding that students want to get more involved in the local community but feel unable to do so due to the lengthy commitment because of the NSS results!

As Warwick finalists, you have spent nearly three years as a Warwick undergraduate. Think about how much you have achieved in that time – you are a true expert on all things Warwick related! Whether you feel like you have had a completely positive experience, or even on the other end – a negative one, I really encourage you to participate in the survey to ensure that the student experience is as good as it can be.

As an added bonus, you will receive £5 credit on your Eating at Warwick card so I definitely suggest you get involved and treat yourself to a Xananas sundae afterwards!

When I was a member of the SSLC last year, I found that the department was really encouraging us to share our opinions on previous NSS feedback on how things can be improved, or if we feel like things have. During the meetings, a lot of reference to the NSS was made, with the departmental staff asking us what specific feedback they want to address. Nothing can make you feel more valued than your university department directly asking for your opinion and actually taking it seriously.

Having spoken to a lot of my friends in my cohort who will be graduating this year, a lot of them mentioned that participating in the survey also gave them the opportunity to reflect on the last three years spent at Warwick. What a better time to think about what you have achieved than in a survey which will also benefit the department?!

You have until the 30th of April to get involved. With term becoming busier and busier, I would recommend you get involved now!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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