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First Day at Warwick

I can still vividly remember my first day at Warwick back in 2016. On the Sunday before term started, my parents and I made the relatively short journey to Warwick in the jam-packed car, as there is so much you will need. I remember the feeling of apprehension and sadness to be moving to a new place and leaving my family, but also how this was mixed with the feeling of excitement of starting a new chapter of my life. Seeing the signs for the University truly brought home how I had actually made it to university, and how Warwick was to be my term-time home for the next three years.

The transition into University can be tough but Warwick had made the day simple for us. All arrangements are emailed in advance so we knew what to do on the day, such as where to collect your key for the accommodation and where to park to unload belongings (we had to make lots of trips back and forth), and then where to park for a longer stay. There were current students around to help and answer any questions, and we were given an information booklet and campus map.

On my first day I:


Family members have to leave at some point, and I found it useful to unpack all my belongings and organise my kitchen items into cupboards when I was alone, as this kept me preoccupied for the remainder of the day.

Talked to flatmates

I was in Arthur Vick which has corridor style living. I was the last one to move in (moves take place on both Saturday and Sunday and which day you move depends on the first letter of your surname). Some flatmates knocked on my door and introduced themselves, and this immediately put me at ease. The Residential Life Team organise ahouse-meeting in the evening that takes place in the kitchen and this brings everyone together.

Went to the Freshers Event in the Copper Rooms

The Students Union holds a Freshers night in the club on campus on both nights of the move-in. The event was so fun and was a great way to speak to and get to know your flatmates, both in your kitchen and neighbouring kitchens. If clubbing isn’t your thing, you can socialise with everyone in the kitchen beforehand.

Explored the campus

You’re given a campus map, so I recommend using this and wandering round the campus and familiarising yourself with it. Have a look at the cafes and restaurants and see which ones you want to try out.

A tip would be to bring food essentials from home

Staple foods like pasta, rice and tins are heavy so it’s a good idea to bring this all in the car from home rather than carrying it back from the shop yourself. In addition, on the first day you probably don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking a time-consuming meal. I brought some pasta and sauce which allowed me to make a super quick dinner (I ate more nutritious meals after!) and brought food to have for breakfast the following day. Rootes grocery store is also open so you can get perishable items such as milk on the day.

Remember, everyone will be feeling the same on the move-in day, and if you have any concerns or worries, the Residential Life Team are there to help 🙂 until next time!

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