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The month of paper hats, birthday cake and infinite amounts of footnotes

With the Christmas holidays drawing to a close, just shy of 8,000 words worth of essays having been written (in three different languages might I add, and ranging from analysis of medieval Italian literature, to Afro-Caribbean slave testimony and magic realism); having narrowly escaped ‘burial by books’ on numerous occasions…

10326619_11***** *** ***_648172930_n.jpg

Absolutely loving life



…and consequently having maxed out my library card twice; after effectively four weeks of essay-induced hibernation, I finally find myself sitting by the fire toasting my toes whilst embracing the few hours of recovery I am treating myself to before it all starts again tomorrow.

12353832_2***** *** ***_899673794_n.jpg

Warwick feeling festive amongst the ghost town that quickly became campus as the holidays descended

So apologies if I seemed to have momentarily disappeared off the radar over the last month or so, and for opting for a more ‘visual’ and tad shorter post than my normal lengthy ramblings. It seems crazy to think that this time last year I was still over the other side of the world savouring my final days in my special slice of South America whilst soaking up the last of Santiago’s sun. I may have not been climbing to the heights of Machu Picchu…

10846448_1***** *** ***_191757928715431778_n.jpg

Hey pal

…kayaking and hitchhiking through Chile’s Lake District…

10846425_1***** *** ***_79118***** *** ***_n.jpg

When riding in the back of pick-up trucks became the norm

…or battling the West Coast of New Zealand’s blood-sucking sand flies, as I was blogging away ferociously about this time last year…

10885052_855787851138454_68***** *** ***_n.jpg

Paradise on earth

if only… but nevertheless, it was still nice to spend Christmas at home this year amongst my utterly crazy and dysfunctional family.

12345901_1***** *** ***_509377203_n.jpg

Christmas dinner of caponata and Tiramisu…the Lussanas were never ones to stick to the norms #StandardChristmasDaySelfie


Mister Carson Eat your heart out #WhenYourMotherIsBetterThanCarson

Even if this did prove a scarily accurate representation of it…


Well Warwick, I couldn’t have put it better myself

It’s ok, don’t panic, I did in fact allow myself Christmas Day off. It is an extra special day after all…


Happy Birthday Mamma!


And I did manage to squeeze in a special reunion with this lot…

12540597_1***** *** ***_5268534631980816273_n.jpg

The St. George’s crew

Therefore, not wanting to see another footnote, library book, or the likes of WordReference for a good while (even if I will probably encounter all three by this time tomorrow), I’m back off to savour the last few hours of essay-free bliss before back up to Warwick for the terrors of term two…I promise it’s not all essay writing and library visiting…

12308530_1***** *** ***_662149***** *** ***_n.jpg

…especially when nights of enchiladas, Limoncello and panettone are involved!

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