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The MathsPhys life chose me

When choosing where to study, the most important factor for me was the Maths and Physics course offered here. Warwick is one of few universities that offer the course with equal weighting between the two departments, and this really appealed to me as I knew that I wanted to delve deeper into both Maths and Physics.

The way the course is organised really does mean that you can fully explore the two subjects, as there are so many different module options available. This means that even in the first year you can start tailoring your degree to your personal preferences, and in fact, every first year student has to choose an optional module. Of course there is a wide breadth of choice within the Maths and Physics departments, like probability and geometry from Maths, and astronomy and particle physics in the Physics department. However, options can also be taken from other departments, such as philosophy, computer science, and foreign languages, meaning your degree can be made incredibly diverse!

Following on from this, I not only love the breadth and variety of options, but I also enjoy seeing how the different modules link together and complement each other. For example, in the first term we studied Differential Equations, delivered by the Maths department, yet this term the module is incredibly useful in Electricity and Magnetism. Further examples of this include using vectors to model electric fields, and possibly most interesting, the use of complex numbers- an abstract maths topic- with waves- a very physical phenomena! By studying two subjects like Maths and Physics alongside each other it is obvious that there will be some overlap, but it’s something that I find fascinating and makes the course really exciting!

Other reasons why I chose Warwick include the reputation of the Maths and Physics departments and the fact that there are no labs in the MathsPhys course, but definitely my favourite aspect is the range of modules. The MathsPhys course is challenging, but it is honestly so rewarding, and if you are genuinely passionate about both disciplines and wish to explore them to a deeper understanding, I think it is definitely worth it!

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