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The Maths Side of Youtube: Like Cat Videos, But With More Group Theory

Save for my University Challenge habit and the occasional binge-watch of random things on iPlayer, I don’t really watch much TV. However, I do spend a lot of time on Youtube. I watch all sorts of things – music videos, fan theories about kids movies (I’m aware that I’m a total child, but Zootropolis is pretty great), Crash Course, School of Life, obligatory silly videos and of course, everything and anything made by Tom Scott (preferably as soon as it’s released!). There’s also the side of Youtube that actually relates to my course, too, so I’ve been watching a lot of that (especially just before the exam period) – I find it’s often easier to take in a visual/spoken example than reading a page of the lecture notes.

So, here’s a few of the maths-y videos I’ve been watching (and a not maths-y video, which is the best thing ever).

Socratica – Abstract Algebra playlist

This is a pretty good resource for my Introduction to Abstract Algebra module. It’s a bit cheesy and doesn’t perfectly line up with everything on the course, but for the basic definitions of groups, rings and fields, it’s spot on. The symmetry groups of triangles video is also very relevant to my course, and it’s a good example of a non-abelian group (although in our course, we also looked at the symmetry group of a square, but it’s essentially the same idea). My personal favourite video in this playlist is the symmetric groups one, because the examples are pretty clear.

MIT OpenCourseWare – Linear Algebra Lectures playlist

Again, it doesn’t line up perfectly with my Linear Algebra module, but it’s a nice enough set of videos to watch, if a bit slow towards the beginning, and with some content not covered in our course towards the end. The lecturer provides a lot of examples (with actual numbers!), which I quite like as a way of visualising everything. I found Lecture 6: Column Space and Nullspace especially helpful when revising.

patrickJMT – Differential Equations playlist

I loved patrickJMT’s videos at A-level, and so I was glad to see that he produces stuff that’s helpful for uni too. I watched his videos on mixing problems and systems of linear equations to brush up the night before my exam the other day.

And, now that you’ve made it this far, your reward is probably the greatest 11 second Youtube video of all time. I don’t know how (or why) I found this, but it’s been a solid favourite ever since.

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