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The long-awaited summer holiday!

Hey everyone!

So last week my exams finished *woohoo* which means: summer holidays have begun!


What a better way to celebrate than a meal at the Dirty Duck?

The actual term finishes on the 2nd of July; although there are no lectures, many students decide to stay until then because that is when you can spend time with all your friends/attend society events without the guilt of having tons of revision to do. I’ve decided to stay on until then, and so have most of my flat mates.

This morning I decided to go for an hour run to the Kennilworth area *Totally decided to go for a long run, not because I got lost*


*Shout out to my flatmate Ed for not letting me have a post-exam lie in, and forcing me to go for a run…* 

Two weeks ago, I had a birthday dinner at Xananas:


*Shout out to everybody who came, despite it being right in the middle of exam season*

It was really nice, I recommend the Xananas sundae, you won’t regret it!!!

On another note; I’ve been making good use of my time:


Origami is pretty important, right???

So summer plans:

Exam season officially ends in week 9 (23rd June), though most first years finish at least 2/3 weeks before then.

Most of my flatmates have either finished or will be finishing this week.

As a first-year living on campus, it is likely that you will spend a large proportion of your time exploring everything there is to do on campus (there is SO much to do!), so hopefully during these last few weeks, we go out of campus and explore the Leamington/Coventry area, or even Birmingham.

Will keep you updated on what I am up to!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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