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The library is already full!

Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow. That phrase is banned now. Term 3 pressure is on. The library is already packed out. Now you’re walking around campus for study spaces. Here are some suggestions.

University House

Common rooms

Department facilities

Ramphal building


Check which rooms are free and book them! You’ll always have a study space.

The learning grid

Coffee shops

Your room

It is frustrating because you want to sit with your friends and work together. But it’s time to make sacrifices and focus on your exam preparation. It’s time to smash the final part of the year. You need to bump your grades and prove to yourself that it is all worth it.

Ensure that you are attending your lectures, your tutors are going to give you valuable advice for the exams. These final weeks are essential for your preparations. Even use them as study breaks. They can give you the comfort that you have covered a topic in your revision or can indicate the missing patches in your revision. You will benefit from them regardless. Look out for events by societies, there may be revision classes or even one to one advice from your older peers. This can be so useful because they can give you a clear idea of what to expect. Remember you must ask questions even if you think they are basic, you need to walk into that exam room with confidence. That only comes with knowledge.

Make sure you are eating well, little and often. It keeps you occupied so revision doesn’t get too boring. Sleep is also very important, without sleep your memory is affected. You need to be drinking plenty of fluids and aim to keep your health in check. Nobody wants to be unwell during exam period; it affects our performance.

Good luck and stay focused. Don’t burn yourself out in the first week, this is going to be a rollercoaster term.

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