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The Lessons I Learnt At A Level- Exams.

Three years ago, I had received my University offers and chosen my secure and insurance choices. Thinking back to this time reminds me of how much pressure we put upon ourselves and others put upon us. Three years ago my vision of my life was completely different from what it is today. For starters I thought I would be going to Exeter!

So, Lesson Number 1: I learnt that sometimes things work out for the best. I can honestly say, I have zero regrets about going to Warwick. I really love it here. BUT it meant that I didn’t get my first choice University. Which went against my plan.

This leads on to Lesson Number 2: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I love having a plan because I feel like I’m in control. If you are in the position where you have applied to Universities and you’re worried about which accommodation you’re going to get, or whether your grades will be enough- try not to worry. I learnt (and I am still learning!) to control what I could and let the rest go. I could control how hard I worked for the grades I got in exams, or I could work towards a positive mind set through out, what is arguably, the hardest period of your life! But I can’t control everything, I can simply do my best.

Lesson Number 3: Cut yourself some slack and believe in yourself. If your teachers have predicted you high grades- you can achieve them, and if you think you can smash those grades- go for it! I went into my second year of college with predicted grades of A* A* B, and an offer from Exeter University, my secure choice, to match that. I came out with A A B and an A* in EPQ and got into Warwick. This meant I woke up on results day to results that weren’t enough to get into either Exeter or Warwick. But Warwick accepted me anyway. So just do your best and it will all work out!

Lesson 4: take a chill pill. Exams, course work and applications are horribly stressful. So make sure you’re taking time to breath, have fun and enjoy life! College years are meant to be fun, so work hard and play hard.

Lesson 5: Ask for help. This is something I really didn’t enjoy doing personally, but I encourage you to. That’s what teachers are paid to do! So make sure you’re getting all the help and support you can, to make sure you get some kick butt results. I have learnt that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Be that person who wants something, so goes out and get’s it.

Lesson 6: Always work on your CV. You build up your UCAS application to get to University. Then when you get to University, you work to get your CV on point. I really wished I had been building my CV from A Levels. The more you do the more you have to talk about and the easier interviews become. If you find yourself with nothing to do while you wait for results, or even after you have received them- make the summer count (oh, and relax!) Employers love all things volunteering, experience and work! I promise you, Future-You will be eternally gratefull when applying to jobs or graduate schemes!

Lesson 7: Be positive. What will be, will be. Try your best.

I thought that by the time I finished University I would have a plan in place. Because I like me a good plan. But I don’t have one. I have a rough idea of what I want to do. But sometimes you just have to focus, try your best and go from there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to leave in the comments any questions and I will make sure to answer them.

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