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The journey of essay writing.

Finally, I have completed all of my assignments for this term! It has been a hard journey, but I can honestly say that I loved every moment. The all nighters, the mind blocks and the moments of frustration- they were all part of the incredible progress.

Writing essays is always a working progress, you will be working until the deadline. If you’re like me, you will continue to tweek and add paragraphs and expand on ideas, then you realise you’re over the word limit, so the process starts all over again! Looking back on how I worked this term, I’m glad that I created essay plans for all of my assignments by week 6 (which is reading week). My one regret is that I didn’t start writing straight away, because once I began to write I found that I was missing sources and that I needed to expand on ideas. That can only come with further reading. Essay writing should be an ongoing task, in order for you to be content with your work. I dedicated 2 days to each essay and it was a struggle. What I must emphasise is that everyone has different working styles, that’s what first year is there for! Try your best to work on your essays to reach your potential. You want to be able to strive to a certain level of confidence in your work, so if you are given a surprise assignment you will know exactly how to tackle it.

Since academic study is so time consuming, balancing life is very difficult. It is all based on what is your priorities and how passionate you are about the different things you want/are involved in. I have joined more societies this year, been involved in a lot more events. And I have still managed to keep on top of my work…just about.

Have a great final few weeks of term.

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