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The important things to do before university

Hi everyone!

Coming to university for the first time is hectic as it is, it is really easy and understandable to miss out a really important admin task which can have far worse consequences later on.

I have tried to summarise everything you should have done by now if you are joining this year. (Note that there may be something which I have not mentioned, please double check!)

This is probably one of the most important things – if you have not yet done this, you technically are not an official student! You will have received an email asking you to enrol, which you should try to get done ASAP. It is really quick and easy to do, you just need to fill out your details such as your address and student finance details. DO IT NOW.

Apply for a student loan

This is not compulsory and not every student is eligible (worth checking if you are on the student finance website). However, if you do decide you want to apply, it is essential that you do it ASAP so that you get your money on time too! The later you leave it, the later you will receive the money, which may leave you in financial difficulty.

You will be required to inform Warwick if student finance is doing this directly on your behalf during the enrollment process, or if not, who will be. Make sure you provide accurate details otherwise you may have to pay late payment fees.

An idea of your budget

Don’t be that person who goes into university with absolutely no idea of how much appropriate weekly spending is. Your first term or so may be slightly more than what you expected (maybe even less) because of all the social activities taking place, and just simply because you are finding out how much groceries you actually need. That is okay, but make sure your budget is somewhat flexible to cater for this if needed.

Once you begin the term

Inform your family/friends of your new address! Whether for an emergency or to send you a parcel, or even to visit – do let them know!

Purchase a diary (or use your phone calendar/ google calendar) to keep a note of all the activities taking place – as great as your memory may be, there will be far too many events taking place!

Whilst your care for nutritious food may somewhat decline in the first few days, don’t make a habit out of this – try to maintain a healthy diet from day one if you can, or at least as quickly as possible. Whilst free pizza is great, sometimes you will need to say no and eat the salad instead, your body will be thankful.


Enjoy your first year and good luck!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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