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The importance of support, aka ‘supportance’

The other day a fellow student said she was seriously thinking about deferring and redoing her final year again in the near future.  However, she is due to graduate in only 15 ‘working weeks’ and has got this far already.  She is ridiculously close to getting her degree and moving on to another amazing chapter of her life.   She also has a young family, which is demanding.  This means if she defers now, life has a very good chance of getting in the way and it may take some time before she can return to education. 

This happened to me when I studied at DeMontfort university, many moons ago.  For compelling personal reasons, I quit the course but it took me four years before I was able to commit to studying full time again, because life throws curveballs.  However, if I had the support from university and others then I probably would have been able to catch up somehow to get through the degree and be well into my career by now, like many of my DMU cohort.

We are very fortunate that Warwick university provides personal tutors and well-being services and I highly recommend that if you have a ‘wobble’ or feel like you ‘need’ to defer, or you are not ‘doing well enough’ etc. whatever your fear or doubt, you must talk to them about it before taking any action.  They are there to support you and help you make the best decision for you at this moment in time.   Even if you are doing fine and dandy it is a good idea to meet with your personal tutor.  It is also important to surround yourself with supportive people who want to see you succeed and achieve.  They are less likely to want you to give up on your dreams.  You CAN do this!

Onwards and funwards into your successful future, because you deserve it!  xXx

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