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The Importance Of Societies

Whilst you’re at University, it can be easy to get swallowed up with your assignments and revision and disregard societies and sports clubs. I did this even in my 1st year, when my result wasn’t going to count towards my final grade?! However I found that this was typical at Warwick Uni because everyone is from a high academic background, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but some of us (like me) need to figure out the balance of stopping revision for a few hours and having some fun! Societies and sports clubs are the best outlet for having a break; there are so many on offer for you to choose from so I can guarantee that there is the perfect one for you to join. Whether it’s a sports club, dance club, religious society, subject society, food society – the list is literally endless.

Societies are also great to join for CV purposes and experience. Graduate employers view their ideal candidate as one who is part of a society, ideally numerous ones, to showcase the fact that they have other interests and passions besides studies. Being on an exec for a society is the best possible thing, as it an example of leadership and responsibility which you can’t really do in your degree besides potentially group projects. Therefore, when you apply for internships or graduate jobs, you can use examples of the work and events you’ve been a part of in societies to showcase your different skills. In particular, being a president of a society or creating a brand new society are a few of the ultimate best things you can do at University as it shows determination and initiative from a young age. If you have a look at LinkedIn profiles of well established people who are well into their careers, they’ll still have the societies they were a part of and the exec position they held written within their Education. Therefore, it’s evident that being a part of a society is continuously admired.

I’d highly recommend that you get involved in some societies when you join Warwick University – during your 1st year is the best time to do so! Along with that, apply to be on the exec of certain societies that you really love as it’ll be a great experience to develop skills and will forever look good on your CV. I wish I had applied to be on the exec of some societies and not let my study workload put me off! I know plenty of people who juggle studies with societies so it’s 100% possible. Also, remember to be adventurous and try out societies that are out of your comfort zone – you never know what you might end up enjoying!

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