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The Importance of Organising your Laptop

Hi guys,

I hope that everyone is continuing to stay safe and well. I’m nine days away from my first online exam. I can’t believe it. Touch wood, I’m feeling alright about it all at the moment. That will probably change though! 

I’m here today to talk about the importance of organising your laptop in preparation for online assessments. This may seem like a trivial thing but, believe me, it saves a lot of stress!

Before I even knew that the exams were moving online, I set up a folder titled ‘Revision’. In here, I put all of the information that we are given in regard to the exams- revision advice, practise questions, exam rubrics. This helps to make sure that such vital information doesn’t get mixed up with my other work. I also keep my exam notes in here, so that they will be easily accessible on the day of the exam.

Recently, I also added folders for the readings that I plan to use for each module. I save them all as PDFs so that I can transfer them to the PDF reading software I use (Kofax Power PDF, which you can download for free from the university). This allows me to highlight any key points and also transfer the PDFs to Microsoft Word files should I need to. It is also great to have the readings already downloaded, just incase I need to refer them on day in addition to my notes.

I then went one step further and decided to make folders within each module folder that house the readings I plan to use for each individual question. Obviously we don’t know what the questions will be, but I’ve done this in relation to the practice questions that we have been provided with. This makes things so much easier. We have been instructed to use further reading as well as essential during our exams and it can be daunting to look at the list of further reading without having a sense of direction in your mind. To get around this, I download the ones that I want to read and read them directly from the folder. Making your way through a list of a few readings is much less daunting than trying to make your way through a list of fifteen to twenty.

This method has made the revision process so much smoother for me, but revision will be different for everyone. Do you have any tips for organising revision for online exams? Share them in the comments below! I hope that this method will be useful for at least some of you and good luck for any upcoming exams that you may have!

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