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The importance of keeping a level head amongst all the noise

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So, the past few weeks I’ve found myself spending more time on social media than usual. One thing I have noticed that keeps coming up is posts related to self-improvement during this quarantine period.

Lots of content on self-improvement, reaching your goals, and getting on the grind. Now, whilst I very much respect the grind, keeping a level head (not getting caught up in this mentality of pursing something because you feel you need to, or because others are and you don’t want to be left behind) is essential in regards to your well-being. It’s important to keep in mind why you want to pursue something.

Writing this I’m finding it difficult to avoid diving into a moral high-ground-esque narrative, but one concept I’m trying to convey is mindfulness. It’s a word that’s tossed around very willy nilly but it basically means being aware of the impacts. Does this fit into your beliefs? What is your motivation? What are the potential impacts? I think these questions are important to get involved in things that will maintain your interest overtime. It’s much more productive to have a slow and sustained mentality, rather than having short 3 day bursts of motivation on things that your hearts not really in but sound cool. A great example in my own life is my interest in economics.

Coming from a Chemistry background I know little to nothing about economics, but over the past 3 months I’ve started to appreciate how big a part it plays in our world. I know this is something I want to learn more about. So I’ve started listening to a few podcasts, nothing crazy. Two or three a week, and it’s enough to satisfy my interest because I know that this project, to build my knowledge on economics, has to be balanced with my other priorities. This is applicable to pretty much anything you want to achieve, and it is in direct contradiction to the dribble I see on social media, touting 100% work ethic 100% productivity all the time to achieve your goals.

Back to the concept of fronting, my idea is such; take a step back, and look at what you’re really seeing, what you’re really being shown. So much of what we see is people fronting (trying to pass yourself off as something you’re not). And keeping this idea in your head, that people can paint themselves however they want to even if it’s not a true representation, is important to keep yourself grounded.

I’ve found that seeing this content has made me quite anxious and given me a sense of self-loathing, which strips me of my motivation and has led to wasted days doing nothing. But I’ve sort of done the full-circuit in the last few days, and whilst writing this. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, because chances are what they’re doing is either deceitful, or it simply isn’t worth doing (in your own view).

It’s a lesson that I should have learnt by now, and one that I will continue to revise throughout my entire life no doubt, but it’s worth revisiting, and reminding yourself that what you see on social media is not necessarily how it really works.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, if anyone can related and wants to chat about it feel free to message me.

Stay inside, stay safe, and stay away from fronters.

One mindset is impossible. Everything we think and say is a product of that moment. It’s the combination of these that make up the individual.

AustraliaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Billy Dyer | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Billy

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