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The Importance of going to Open Days

Hi everyone!

I recently took a friend of mine for a tour around the University as he had applied to come to Warwick and wanted to get a feel for the campus. It wasn’t until then that I thought about when I was thinking about what universities I wanted to go to and was planning to go on open days for my top choices and if it wasn’t for the open days, I would’ve had a very different idea of what certain universities were like and what I wanted from my time at University.

For example, I thought that Reading was a good choice for me but having visited on an open day it just didn’t feel right for me. There wasn’t anything bad about the university at all but it just didn’t grab me when I visited. However, on my open day at Warwick, I instantly connected with the vibe of the campus, the friendliness of the students and the enthusiasm that the staff had for my interest in both Warwick and the History of Art course.

You may still be unsure as to which university to make your firm choice, what order to apply in or even what your top five are but if you are unsure at all then you should definitely go to an open day. Departments often offer tours of the facilities such as the lecture halls and the library and offer taster lectures as well as an overview of the course content so you will have an opportunity to ask any burning questions, find your feet on campus and settle any qualms you might have. I also found that certain courses at different universities have very different curriculums and teaching styles so you will be able to compare different approaches and find the one that’s right for you.

I also had to go for an interview at Warwick but even if you don’t have to do this, the chances are that you will make some friends and meet some people that you may be studying with or living with in your first year! There will often also be current students to talk to so you can also ask them for some honest input as to what the course, student life and department is really like and what makes up their general routine at uni.

Open days also give you the opportunity of going beyond campus to the nearest cities and towns to get a feel for what is available such as the nearest shops, train stations and gyms and you could even look at good areas for your student house in second year! It will also give your parents and loved ones some peace of mind that you will be in a safe, clean and pleasant environment for your time at university, especially if you’ve never left home before and they are particularly clingy and protective of you!

Warwick currently has open days scheduled for Friday 23rd June, Saturday 24th June, Saturday 23rd September and Saturday 21st October so sign up for a slot and come on down to get a feel for the campus, your department, your possible tutors and your accommodation choices because it is so important to know what to expect when you finally start your first day at uni!

Thanks for reading! Kristie

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