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The Holiday Season as a Classics Student!

It’s the end of term 1 of my second year at university. Now, I’ve made it home, and I’m relaxing after a jam-packed end of term. There’s been lots of academic work to be done, but also plenty of treats tucked in there too.

Assignment Deadlines

Generally, I’ve found that my modules tend to have their assessments due in at the end of term. This means that I can go to the lecture on a topic before I write the essay on it, which has definitely proved beneficial. While I don’t recommend leaving all of your work until just before it’s due, having deadlines at the end of term means I’ve got a few weeks to adjust to university life before I have to focus on intense academic writing, and I have time to do reading to prepare.


Another thing I’ve found is that seminars tend to be at around the half-way stage of a term, and at the end of term. Although they normally mean more prep work than for a lecture, I’ve actually found seminars are to be really beneficial for understanding topics. They tend to enhance skills that we can use after university, as well as sharing lots of different perspectives on issues.

Showcases and performances

I don’t just spend my time doing Classics, I’m also involved in lots of other things. This year, I’m teaching Intermediate Tap, as well as going to both Beginners and Advanced classes with Warwick Tap society. In week 7, Classical and Modern Dance (CMD) had their showcase, which was definitely a fun experience. It was so different being both a performer and a teacher, but I’m incredibly grateful to my ‘tappy family’ who supported me, and I’m very proud of how my class performed.

I also started learning aerial hoop this year! Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts (WPAA) had their showcase in week 9, where I got to perform in a beginners group routine. I also choreographed my own solo, which was such a great experience. If you need a sign to try something a bit crazy while at university, this is it! There are so many different opportunities to take advantage of here, which you may not find anywhere else, so why not try when you can?

Teaching classes- holiday style

Having completed our main goal for the term, showcase, I got to change the focus of my teaching for the end of term. Our next goal is the showcase in term 2, so I got to spend some time trying different ideas, and different songs with my class until we agreed on one that we loved. I also got to do a one-off class in the last week of term, doing a completely new routine for one class only with a major holidays theme. And of course, plenty of snacks for us to share while we had our usual catch-up at the start of class.

Making memories & having fun!

The holidays mean that all sorts of new exciting things pop up, which has lead to some really great memories being made with my friends. From ice skating in the beautiful ruins of Coventry Cathedral (where my proudest achievement was not falling over) to spending my final afternoon at university visiting a board games café over in Leamington Spa (yep, that’s us above). Not forgetting things like going for breakfast with other members of the cast from this year’s Classics Play, or the meal out with Warwick Tap. I was definitely busy at the end of term.

I was busy, making happy memories that will last a lifetime. What more could you ask for?

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