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The Grand Finale to an Interesting Term

It seems strange to me that we are already near the end of term. We’re going into week 9 on Monday which, for most of us, brings about the final week of in-person teaching before everything goes online for week 10. It also sees lockdown coming to an end on Wednesday which I know many people are eagerly looking forward to.

At times this term has felt like it would never end but in between those times it has also seemed to fly by at a startling pace. September seems a long way away right now and a lot has happened over the past few months but as we approach the start of December I have to shift my attention to the usual and the unusual end of term preparations that this year requires.


Starting with the unusual (and mostly Coronavirus related) events for the end of this term, I’m hoping to get home next weekend so I have already booked in asymptomatic tests on campus in week 9 so I can have some reassurance before heading back to see my family. I know for some it’s different, but this is the longest that I have gone without seeing my family and, as much as I have loved being in my uni house this year, I’m really looking forward to getting back to the comfort of just being at home for a while away from the stress that university brings.

Other than that, I am just planning to play it safe this week. My timetable has worked out in such a way that this week will see me on campus more than I have been all term (which isn’t saying much because I haven’t been in at all) but when I’m not in labs, I’ll probably stick to socialising with my housemates to avoid any unnecessary risk that could jeopardise my plans to go home.

I’m confident that as long as I’m sensible I don’t represent a risk to myself or others which gives me some reassurance that a slightly skewed sense of normality can return.


And then there are still the usual end of term preparations that every term brings.

First and foremost, I need to find time to pack this week. It’s that chore that I never want to start too early which means it always gets left to the last minute. I’m planning to do a bit more of a substantial move back home for Christmas this year just in case anything delays my returning to university but, all in all, just remembering to start packing is the key goal here.

I’m fortunate to have already passed most of my big deadlines for the term so all I have to do is make sure I stay on top of things this week and I’m planning to take it a bit slower. I want to remember to enjoy my last week of the year with my housemates. We’ve been together for so long now that it will be bitter sweet to head home.

With work I always try to make a plan for the holidays but normally give over to the fatigue of a term completed and don’t get back to Physics until I return in January. This term I’m confident will be different (although I’ve said that before) and I’m going to try to consolidate my notes from this term before all my modules change for the start of term two.

I find it’s very easy to just forget about modules until exams come around in Summer as some of mine finished back in week five. As I said though, I’m going into the holidays with a positive attitude and a determination to stay on top of things.

Of course I am also planning to do a lot of relaxing at home. University can be intense so I definitely need the break, this year even more so. There’s no crime in taking some time off.

My final plan for this week is a big one. Christmas dinner. It’s a proud tradition to celebrate university Christmas at the start of December and, even though our window of opportunity is being cut short this year, me and my housemates have a firm plan in place to ensure we are still cram in some festivity this year. This plan is non-negotiable and probably my top social priority for the week.


So that’s what I’m doing to prepare for the end of term. It’s a weird one that will take a bit more pre-planning than others in the past but should be much the same if we are all sensible.

I hope that everyone manages to carry out their end of term plans smoothly and has a positive end to a term that has seen us all need to make sacrifices and work together. I think we have all earned a bit of a rest.

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