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The Goodbye Moments At University

This is the bit no one mentions unless if it is graduation season. But the moments of teary eyes and emotional flashbacks of beautiful moments aren’t just a thing for those graduating. It is something that happens every year at university. Last year, when it ended, with it left a couple of third years I became friends with through the Bhangra society.

This year, once again the time has come for yet another set of ‘bye’ and ‘take care’ moments. Yesterday, I met up with people from Bhangra society who’ll be graduating this year and then we’ll meet don’t know when. In the middle of intense revision and stress, I decided to meet up with these people and we sat in the ground floor library cafe discussing life and this may have been my final time getting to sit with these wonderful people and talking about things.

Revision is always going to be here and term 3 is something that stresses everyone out, albeit to various degrees, but I genuinely wanted to live my moments with my friends once before I lose them because you never know if or when you see each other again. I may be being very dramatic here but I have lived enough to have said ‘take care’ to many in the past as well and we could never quite meet. It is not so much the distance or the willingness as it is just the environment. I do accept that I am (very) bad at meeting up with people therefore this is likely to affect people to different degrees. I either form too strong bonds to let go or like to let go on purpose because when it’s time to move on in life, I don’t hold onto things or people. The ones who were meant to remain never quite left my life anyway. People who are meant to stay in your life will do anyway – I personally think.

Unbelievable to think it has been two years at Warwick and the people who introduced me to Bhangra and made the experience so lit will be leaving but I am still going to be here. They’re going to be exploring the world and living the rest of their lives out in the big beautiful adult world and I still have a while to go but I just wanted to highlight this aspect of life of saying goodbye in general that hits me the most. Life truly is just a compilation of hellos and goodbyes and university will provide you the environment where you become an adult and your mama will no longer be around to encourage you to say hello to others. You build your relationships. You design the connections. You form the bonds. But there will come moments of parting and it’s very easy to become friends with people who are not in the same year group so these sad moments may actually come earlier than the day of graduation!

This is a sad truth of life and doesn’t just apply to university. Freshers preparing to head to university will also be preparing to say bye to their sixth form friends and coming to university to make new ones. I guess this is how life is and perhaps the objective is to be flexible and strong enough to be willing to re-establish an equilibrium in life every single time from primary school to secondary school to possibly a different sixth form to university to whatever you do after university.

Quite emotional right now to be honest because it still hasn’t quite sunken in that yesterday may have just been the last time I was going to sit with all my Bhangra friends and talk. This is really not unprecedented in my life though and is unlikely to be in anyone’s. But then again we may just bump into each other at some point but I don’t want to be too optimistic either. I don’t know but it’s time to go back to revision now.

Good luck to those still occupying the floors of the library x

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