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The good and the bad: Living in Leamington

The parade is basically the artery of Leamington. There’s plenty of shops, independent and franchises. A variety of places to eat, go out for drinks or just to grab a coffee. There are seasonal markets that take over the parade which are nice just to browse. The parks are a brilliant place just to walk around and relax. There should be plenty of things for you to do in the evenings, whether it’s going for a night out or just jamming at a bar- there is something for everyone. Leamington is probably the most popular destination for most Warwick students, so the positive is that it is a lively yet quite small town.

Parking is a nightmare in Leamington, especially if you live in the North near the parade (I live right at the top of the parade). Also, you may have to pay for a parking permit. The travelling is probably the most tiresome aspect. Catching the bus or even driving to campus takes a large chunk of your day because of the amount of traffic there is during the peak times of the day. Just make sure you leave in good time and you will make your lectures, I say leave at least an hour. You will miss campus so much! I miss being able to go back to my room in between lectures and nap! Remember to take lunch with you to campus if you’re going to have a full day, buying food on campus daily can be costly (top up your eat at warwick card, it’ll be worth it).

Everyone has a different experience of living out of campus, I have loved it so far. Any questions, just fire away!

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