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The Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Hi everyone!

I know this is a completely unrelated topic to my course or Warwick but I went to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday 10th July and I thought I would tell you all about it!

Now, as a kind of disclaimer, my boyfriend and I got free tickets because his dad works for Pirelli and managed to get us some and although they’ve both been many times before and are insanely into cars, (my boyfriend is also a mechanic so it’s even worse with him), it was my first Grand Prix and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We arrived fairly early to try to avoid the traffic and used the park and ride system they have to get a coach into Silverstone. There were thousands of people there – 135,000 to be precise – and a lot of people payed to get in just so they could find a spot on the grass with a camping chair to see one part of the track and a big screen which to me seemed like a crazy amount of dedication!

We ended up walking around the whole track during the first races before the Grand Prix and the noise and smell was spectacular, there really is nothing like it and it is pretty loud as I had earache for a while when we were standing right by the track!

There were food outlets EVERYWHERE and lots of pop up shops selling merchandise, of course, practically everyone was walking around in Petronas or Mercedes merch to back Lewis Hamilton at his home Grand Prix. They also had an area with the main stage showing the race and driving simulators as well as the Pirelli stand (insert shameless promotion here) which was showcasing their new supersoft tyre and p zeros which we stayed in for a while when the rain hit and we grabbed a hat to represent and keep dry!

With about an hour to go before the race we headed up to our stand, we were in the Village A grandstand where we were seated right on the third corner of the track. The Red Arrows did some amazing displays before the race and the drivers were interviewed and paraded around the track before getting ready for the grid. Unfortunately we weren’t sheltered for the torrential 10 minutes of rain that hit just before the race started but we put an umbrella up and although the race started with a safety car, it actually made the race a lot more interesting!

The sun came out and began to dry the track but many of the cars switched to wet tyres to combat the rain and as the racing line dried, they put quicker tyres on. Some drivers hit the wet patches in the quicker tyres and on our corner we saw Vettel spin out, Raikkonen come off and on the track a few times and a lot of overtakes. We had a big screen in front of us so we could see everything else as it happened and the atmosphere just continued to get better as the race went on.

I can honestly say that, although the weather was typically British and ever-changing and although I didn’t know what to expect or if I would understand what was going on half the time, it was the atmosphere and the crowd that really made the experience special for me as I felt that I was a part of that and when Hamilton won everyone went wild!

So if you ever get the chance to go to Silverstone and see the Formula 1 then I would definitely recommend that you go no matter how much or little you are into the sport or the cars, oh and of course remember to go the the Pirelli stand and look at the shiny new tyres!

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