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The Food Market

On a few Wednesdays each term, the food market comes to campus. It takes place on the Piazza, and there is always a nice atmosphere around it especially if the weather is sunny! Food market days are the best, as I know I’ll be able to get some yummy street food for lunch, as well as a sweet treat for later.

There is a lot of choice, from different cuisines and snacks as well as a really decent vegan/vegetarian selection. Over the past three years, I have been able to try lots of the stands and so wanted to share my favourites with you.

If I’m in the mood for a proper lunch, I like to go to the hot dog stand. They do a great range of nachos as well, but my go-to is the special hot dog. In the past I have tried the Lebanese style one and a Hawaiian one (complete with the most delicious pineapple salsa). The Caribbean food van is also a favourite of mine. They often have meat, veggie and fish options, served with rice, beans and slaw. At the food market yesterday, I had crispy prawns with mango chutney and it did not disappoint! My other favourite lunch is a vegan stand, which tends to serve vegetable pakoras in a wrap. There are numerous other vegan stands, including one that serves vegan burgers and hot dogs. I prefer this one though as the food is fresh and flavourful and very reasonably priced.

For sweet treats, we are really spoilt for choice. I am not exaggerating when I say the brownie stand may change your life. There are normally several flavours on offer, with my personal favourite being the raspberry. The brownies are soft and gooey on the inside and chewy on the outside. If you can resist buying more than one, you have more strength than I do! The cookie stand comes a very close second. Again, there are plenty of flavour options, from chocolatey to fruity, with some vegan options too. The best thing about the cookies are that they are lovely heated in the microwave for a few seconds and served with ice cream. Last time I went, I tried the chilli chocolate one, which was even yummier warm with vanilla ice cream.

Along with my favourites, all the food I have had from the food market has been ace. There is often a churros stand serving fresh churros dusted with sugar and cinnamon served with a pot of chocolate to dip in. The Indian van serves some really tasty food, and there are normally several different burger/BBQ stands. In the summer I have noticed a stand selling punnets of fresh strawberries, as well as a stand with loads of different types of cheese.

I would wholeheartedly recommend trying out the food market if you’re on campus when it’s here! Getting cash out early means you can avoid the queues at the cash machines, and I always like to have a browse around all the stands before deciding what to have. Saying that, it’s not the end of the world if the choice is too hard – the food market comes regularly so there is plenty of time to try all the food!

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