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The First Few Weeks of University?

For my first post, I figured I’d let you all know how my first few weeks at Warwick have been and what settling in has been like! Hopefully it will be useful for any of you that are prospective students hoping to come to Warwick next year, but I already feel like I have so much to say about my uni experience!

The main reason I had Warwick as my firm choice when applying to university was because I LOVED the lively campus, and it hasn’t failed to meet my expectations now that I’m here. When I came to visit for an open day, I was blown away by the shops, student union and overall friendly atmosphere. This has definitely helped my settling in process, since you have a grocery store right on campus along with restaurants, banks, a cinema, bars and loads of great things to make it feel really homely. Our first two freshers weeks were amazing too since there was loads going on – if you get a place to come to Warwick next year, I’d definitely recommend getting a Freshers pass since I didn’t get one and then felt left out when my flat would go to loads of events that I didnt have a ticket for. Also, try to be as socialable and outgoing in your freshers weeks as you can! I was really lucky because my flatmates all love to go out and have a great time, so we all stuck together during the freshers nights out. You’ll be living with these people for the rest of the year so spend any free time in the kitchen getting to know everyone, but don’t be disheartened if your flat mates don’t come out to socialise that much – you’ll always meet people on your course too!

Another great thing during the first two weeks are the societies and sports fairs. Even if you reckon you wont join any societies or sports clubs, definitely go to the fairs because they’re actually really fun to walk around and you might come across something really cool! I’m the least sporty person in the world but I still went to the sports fair to get a feel of what goes on within the uni. Attend loads of society/sports meet and greets too – you’re not obliged to join any, but its a great way to initially meet people and see what the clubs are about (loads of them offer free food too, just saying).

One thing I want to stress to prospective students is that the University of Warwick is NOT in the middle of nowhere – plenty of people used to put me off from coming to Warwick because I’d ‘have nowhere to go and have no fun’ which is not true! The campus has buses that go straight to Leamington Spa Parade (the highstreet), to Coventry city centre, all the train stations and all the clubs – the maximum that you’d have to sit on a bus for is around 20 minutes which is if you want to get to Leamington Spa. However it’s really easy to figure it all out, just ask the SU for help on buses etc! Feel free to leave campus whenever you feel comfortable, there’s no pressure and it’s all up to personal preference. I went during my first week to a club in Leamington Spa, but it was with the Psychology Society as an initial social event, so they helped us get there since it was our first time and it wasn’t scary at all. When you go for the first time, definitely go with friends/flatmates or for a society social so you’re not alone.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful for anyone still settling in to Warwick or is thinking of coming next year – there’s loads more that I want to say but this post will become an essay so I’ll save the rest for the future!

Amreet xox

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