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The Final Few Months…

My first blog post was on 3rd February 2016, over 2 years ago! But now I find myself here, entering the final few months of my time at Warwick. Indeed, it’s so close to the end, the date and time of graduation has even been announced.

It, as I’m sure every other student will tell you, has gone really quickly. Making the most of you time at Warwick is so important, so here are some good ways of doing just that:

  • Societies

I know, a common response on how to make the most of your time at Warwick. But given Warwick has more clubs and societies and any other uni, you’d be hard pushed to say you don’t like ANY of them. They’re great places to meet new people, do weird and wonderful things and make the most of your time!

  • Work hard

At the end of the day, you want to leave University with a good degree. The best way of doing that – work hard at it!

  • Use WBS

This one sounds a bit weird. But when you come to study at WBS, you don’t just get lectures, seminars and exams, you get access to a wealth of incredibly bright and successful people in the form of professors, other students, researchers etc… Make use of them! I’ve been lucky enough to pitch my business to a panel of 6 very experienced professionals (including CEOs of large consultancy firms and associate deans). They provided great advice and offered to lend a hand where they can anytime. Make use of these opportunities whilst you’re here – anyone can!

  • New People

Make an effort to meet with and stay in touch with as many new people as possible. These are the people who are not only going to go on to be good mates, but people who are going to end up running the biggest businesses, leading the country, pushing boundaries and inventing stuff, all good people to have in the phone book. Not only that, but because WBS is so international, you’ll end up knowing people from all over the world, all prepared to give a helping hand if you ever find yourself there.

  • Chill out

There’ll be times during your degree where you’re not entirely sure how you’re supposed to sleep, work, complete uni work, meet deadlines, eat and speak to other humans during the day. Relax. Most people feel like this at some point, and it’s nothing to worry about. Just list it all out and priorities, I’m sure I’ve done a blog post on time management at some point, so if you’re concerned about this, take a look at my earlier post.

  • Learn all you can

My last blog post talks about how to ‘learn’ business (at least in my opinion…). WBS is a fantastic resource, so absorb as much knowledge as you can during your time here – it’ll serve you well!

That’s all for now,


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