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The fear of the future

I have been back home from university for over a week now, and already I have been asked the horrible question:

What are you going to do after university?

Going to get a job? Get married? Start a business? Go traveling? Look after your elders? Everyone comes up to you offering their advice and provide their suggestions on how to live your life. We are here so used to accepting that we should have everything in our life planned and if we do not live up to that plan then we have failed. How about not plan? Yes still have goals, and of course, achieve your dreams, but do not think that there is only one way to get there! Listen to what you want, if you need a break and you have the opportunity to TAKE IT! If you have the dream job in your grasp TAKE IT! If you have no idea what to do, TAKE IT! and make the most of this new chapter of your life!

I am sure that like all other people, we just want to be happy and content with our lives. So work hard in making that happen, only you know what you need in life, so work hard for it. Do not feel like you need to tell everyone about your business and your plans for the future, because most likely if those plans do not go ahead people may just assume that you have not succeeded. My family is like that. The main thing is not just to sit there and think oh it will fall into my laps, go and work hard for your future. Even if they are little steps towards the right direction, there is nothing wrong with slow progress, it is still some sort of progress at the end of the day.

We are always there rushing and hoping for better days, make your days great in the present moment. Are you not allowed to enjoy yourself now? Oh, you need to always search for fulfillment, but why? Read those books that are on the shelf, listen to those albums, draw, see those people that you have been canceling plans with because you have been too busy! At this stage of the year, you are going to enter the toughest term of the year, exam season is going to force you to work independently to make the most of your revision time to smash your exams. But it will also test your strength, motivation, and ability to keep going. It is going to be tough, especially when you know the end is soon, so pace yourself and have healthy breaks. Enjoy the learning and continue to make memories!

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