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The exam timetable is out, but now is not the time to panic

Hi everyone!

Yesterday is a day that I will be marking in my calendar. I started off the day right by doing a HIIT workout session with my friend via Skype. Basically, the way to do it is to share my screen with her and we’ll work out together. I’ve been doing this for the past week and it has been pretty wholesome to see my friends willing to participate in my crazy plan. Then, I cleaned my room, made some buffalo wings, and did some self-care by taking a long shower, truly just enjoying my quarantine life.

Then, I checked my Instagram to see my friend posting a Story stating, “everyone pls pray for me, my next exam is in three weeks and I haven’t even finished my essays to even revise for my exams.” Immediately, I asked her for the timetable link, and one of my worst case scenario came true. My first exam is literally 5 days after my dissertation submission, and I haven’t even finished my dissertation.

Anyways, the sudden wave of panic occurred. Should I get my flight ticket home now that I know when’s my last exam date? Should I start shipping my things? What are my strategies to an open book assignment? Will I even have time to study?

Called my mom up, and coincidentally also vlogged this day, and suddenly my camera just froze, it really was a panic day. 

Coincidentally, my lecturer also had an office hour that day, I decided since I’ve studied only that module *clown*, I might as well start asking questions about it now. Since I’m going to shift my focus towards other modules in which exam dates are nearer. I explained to her about the current situation and asked her ways on how to revise for this exam. Similar to the other lecturers I’ve been in contact with, she told me to study as per normal. In a way, her words reassured me that I shouldn’t panic as they won’t expect anything outside from the reading list.

Right after that, I was hosting one of Warwick’s very first Offer Holder Open Day Live Chat. The attendees were so interactive, I genuinely enjoyed hosting the chat! My favourite question was, “what’s the best and worst part of this university?”, in which I said, “the opportunities given by this university.” 

And it really is true, throughout the three years of my university, I became a blogger, a singer, a dancer, a swimmer, a triathlete, a volunteer, a student ambassador and more importantly, I truly realised how important it is to take care of myself. You truly learn what it’s like to be independent, and the support given by the University has been tremendously great. When I said this in the live chat, it really made me ponder on what the university has given me. In a way, it makes me realise that the only way for me to give back, is to do my best for my online assessments. It may not be the traditional exams like I envisioned in my head, but we shall make do with the situation.

One final push. I can do this, we can do this.

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