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The Ensuite Debate

On campus accommodation – some rooms are ensuite, others aren’t. Before coming to university, having an ensuite seems, to a lot of people, like something you need!

Sharing bathrooms with your family, fine. Sharing bathrooms with a load of strangers, no, surely not. Surely having an ensuite in your room is infinitely better than sharing.

Not so much.

When applying for accommodation on campus at Warwick, I filled as many spots as I could with ensuite accommodation, it was the one criteria that I really wanted. When the news came in that I’d been allocated Tocil (accommodation without ensuite) I wasn’t thrilled… The prospect of sharing with multiple randomers wasn’t overly appealing.

I lived in Tocil for all three terms in my first year, that’s 30 weeks. In those 30 weeks, or 210 days, I had (roughly) 210 showers. Of those 210 showers, I had to wait for 5 mins before going for my shower twice. Twice! Out of 210 times I don’t think that’s too bad.

If you’re reasons for wanting an ensuite is that they’ll be cleaner, there’s not really anything to fear here either, as the bathrooms are cleaned a couple of times a week. Ensuite rooms are also significantly more expensive. In all honesty, if I was going to choose my first year accommodation again, I’d avoid ensuite rooms. There are few legitimate reasons for an ensuite, so my advice would be to save your money! Go for the cheaper non-ensuite rooms and get yourself an extra takeaway a week or something instead – certainly would be the better option for me!

Best of luck with your accommodation choices, whichever accommodation you get, you’ll be fine – all campus accommodation is close to the centre of campus (Westwood being the furthest away).

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