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The end to a great term 1

It is just one day to go before I’m back home in London, and three days to go until my long-awaited family holiday to Dominican Republic!

I am really looking forward to a break from the pressures of looming deadlines, lectures, early starts, and of course the rammed buses every morning.  This isn’t to say that term hasn’t been great: I’ve had a really fulfilling, fun and busy term that has whizzed past. When the term was demanding, I was surrounded by lots of support: fellow course friends who were feeling the same pressures, housemates who were always around to chat to and take a break away from studying, and family members and other friends were just a phone call away. 

It is very satisfying to think of all the assignments that are completed and submitted, especially that I  have now finished my labs- not only for this year, but since my research project is literature based, I now may not work in a lab again. This is something I honestly don’t know how I feel about!

 We all need a break and need some time to recharge after a busy 10 weeks of term. So, I plan to guiltlessly take a break away from my studies for the first part of the break, particularly when I am abroad. I want to take the time to see my friends and family, especially as I don’t get to see some of them as much as I would like to during term time.  I intend to make the most of the Christmas festivities, and I’ve already planned to go ice skating in Central London, go to Winter Wonderland and other clichéd Christmas themed outings. 

On top of this, I also intend to use the break wisely. During the first week of Term 2, we have an assessed oral presentation which I will need to prepare and also practice delivering to an audience. I also want to make sure my lecture notes are ready for when I need them in May, try to fit in reading any extra material provided on Moodle- particularly for the essay papers where you get extra credit for this. Next term’s modules see those that  interest me most,  such as Oncology and Protein Targeting, I also expect them to be quite demanding, so if I have time I would like to read up on some aspects.  In addition, I want to practice cooking some new recipes ready for next term, and have a further look into what I am going to do following my degree. 

Having finished my packing, watched movies and had  takeaway with some friends last night, I feel properly relaxed and ready for the break. I now just have 2 lectures to go 🙂 


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