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The End: PART 2



And who would have thought that the car that picked me up from the hospital 23 years ago…


… would be the same one bringing me home from my graduation?!


So there we go.

From freshers, to finals; from Santiago to Chile, to Siena, and soon to South Africa. The last four years have seen me gallivanting the globe, regularly maxing out my library card (along with those of my Erasmus friends), downing copious amounts of herbal tea, single-handedly funding the humanities café through coffee, and immersing myself in every aspect of Italian and Hispanic language, literature and culture. From the likes of Boccaccio, contemporary Italian women’s’ writing, Latin American cinema, Spanish golden age theatre, to even translating Cortazarian invented language and taking on the challenge of adapting Cervantes’s 17 century Don Quixote to the intellectual capacities of a 7 year old. Yes, I feel like I’ve done it all.


What’s more, since my very first week this blog has seen and documented it all. From fresher’s flu, first year antics, all the way to finals; from cycling through the arid landscape of the Atacama Desert, to road-tripping through the salt flats of Bolivia, wondering through the vibrant barrios of Buenos Aires, trekking to the heights of Machu Picchu, and of course exploring every inch of Chile itself. From sand boarding, to climbing active volcanoes, galloping through sand dunes on horseback, to endless , and frequently opening my 14 century Italian front door only to be swept away in Palio processions lead by horses and groups of patriotic, flag-waving Sienese fashioning medieval pantaloons. From the time the mayhem of Santiago’s metro was replaced by the uneven cobbles of Siena’s historic streets; the organisation and structure of South America’s top university replaced with a truly chaotic one; and the Chilean “po” replaced by the Italian “boh.” One thing for sure is that the memories and experiences my time at Warwick has provided me with will stay with me forever. What’s more, not only has it seen me develop a newfound obsession with alpacas, an addiction to coffee, and an abundance of anecdotes which still reduce me to both laughter and tears of nostalgia, but more importantly, I am a very different person to the individual who tentatively wondered into the Humanities building four years ago with absolutely no clue where or what I was doing.






Whilst my time at Warwick has provided me with some of the best moments of my life, the last few years have simultaneously been some of the hardest. Yet during our pre-graduation reception courtesy of the fabulous School of Modern Languages and Cultures department, walking up to collect the Finalist prize for the best overall degree result in both the Hispanic Studies and Italian department, I felt pretty proud of myself. Despite my mind putting my body through hell over the last couple of years, that and results made all the hard work seem worth it. However, as I’ve said so many times before, I couldn’t have done it without the incredible support network I’ve had and people I’ve met at Warwick. I really have loved being part of both the Italian and Hispanic Studies departments over the last four years. And no, I don’t just say it for the open days, I really mean it. I couldn’t have imagined studying anything different or at any other university. What’s more, it has been an experience that I really feel has set me up for life. Having experienced and overcome some of the obstacles I’ve encountered, I really do feel that I am now able to tackle anything that comes my way in the near future.


So thank you Warwick with all my heart.



This may be my last blog post after four years of blogging for Warwick; however, my experience at Warwick is by no means over just yet. As I prepare to leave for South Africa on Saturday where I will be teaching English for six weeks with Warwick in Africa, here’s to the next adventure.

As for when I return home, I have no immediate plans yet. However, my time spent at Warwick has made me realise that sometimes it’s best to embrace the unknown and let life surprise you.


Warwick, over and out.


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