The End: PART 1 – OurWarwick

The End: PART 1

Last Friday it happened…









Yes, last week I officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours in Hispanic and Italian Studies. Who would have thought it?


And what a week it was. I suppose it all started with this…


Dreamy summer evenings

20066529_117874295502371_1186***** *** ***_n.jpg


After returning from a little coastal getaway (albeit rather drama-fuelled and eventful as per usual) the Lussanas made their final journey up the M40 to Warwick. Of course as to be expected with my family, more drama of some sort was most certainly to be expected. Nevertheless, despite being stranded on the M40 temporarily whilst the road was closed in both directions due to an accident, we eventually made it. I must admit that during this time (as suggested to me by the car next to us) I did seriously consider asking to hitch a ride with one of the passing motorbikes. However, I soon decided against this as I was unsure of how the windswept look would work with a full length robe and hat should I even make it of course.


Despite being the 21 of July, it was unsurprising that the British weather was hardly on our side and the day frequently saw us battling seemingly gale-force winds and showers. In fact, I must admit it was a bit of a stressful day at times. I don’t know whether this was more due to the fact that nobody really knew what was going on (I suppose I should have read the day’s schedule that was handed to me upon collecting my robes, but which I instead found scrunched at the bottom on my bag earlier today), the fear of tripping up on stage whilst collecting my degree, the fact that at one point we thought my dad had spectacularly fallen down the stars of the multi-storey carpark upon arrival, or purely due to the presence of all four Lussanas. However, at the end, I did begin to relax a little, albeit overwhelmed a little with emotions.


We may be full of drama, completely dysfunctional, and all absolutely barking mad, but yesterday I graduated and without them this would never have been possible… Yes, my dad was attempting to sing Pavarotti at this exact moment in time #OhSoleMio

It was all a little surreal I suppose, and a bit how I imagine one’s wedding day. Four years had led us all to this moment, and before I knew it, it was over in a heartbeat. What’s more, in a bit of a dazed and dream-like state, I felt that I hadn’t really taken it all in.


Nevertheless it did in fact happen, as I have photographic evidence to prove it. So here we go, the day itself in action, and with some very special people without whom none of this would have happened.


My rock and absolute queen of a mother





A very special personal tutor and my Warwick mother

m20273542_1584***** *** ***_143710869_oz.jpg

Fellow nonnas and partners in crime


First ever graduates of Hispanic Studies at Warwick and my very special home department


…along with my beloved other half that is the Italian department…


And so as the day drew to a close and we found ourselves walking into a Harvester en route home where we had stopped for some dinner. Dressed up to the nines in heels and all, we certainly turned a few heads of those enjoying their usual Friday pint at least.


What a week indeed. Oh and yesterday also happened to be my birthday…

20214192_2933***** *** ***_467***** *** ***_n.jpg

[Continued here: The End: PART 2]

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