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The End of The Beginning: Finishing First Year

So, first year’s been over for a month now, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made it to second year! I’ve passed every module and got a 2:1 overall. My goal for next year is to work harder than I did this year to try to bring that up to a 1, but I’m pleased that I got a 2:1 this year.

The final few weeks between the end of exams and results were actually quite lovely – lots of long quizzing sessions, and working for the WWS, which is a job I really enjoy. I’d definitely recommend it to any readers looking for work – it was referred to as “the best job on campus” when I applied, and I concur. I even took a little IKEA expedition with my friend Marissa.

First year’s been a big change from sixth form life – learning to live with people who might not always share my opinions on noise levels and cleanliness, for one. The amount of independent work was also a big one, and something that I need to improve on for next term.

So, what are my plans for the summer? I’ve got a volunteering placement lined up for August at the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham, Norfolk. I’m also going to see the Technical Difficulties Citation Needed live show (is it any surprise that I’m a massive Tom Scott fan? I hope not by now…). I’m also planning to look over my first year modules and maybe get some reading in for second year. On a quiz-related note, I need to figure out a new format for pub quiz bonus rounds, and I’d also like to learn a lot more trivia to help to improve my game. I’ve already been an ambassador on two of the Warwick summer schools this year, which I’ll write a post about after I’ve had time to reflect on them better.

Then, in September, I’ll be moving into my second year house in Canley, which I’m soooo excited about (it has a kitchen nearly double the size of first year, shared between half as many people! So. Much. Fridge. Space.). I’m looking forward to setting up home for the year, and I’ll keep you posted.

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