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The end of the academic year is in sight!

Australia seems like a distant, but wonderful dream and the last assignments of the year are under way. Life outside university still goes on at pace.

On Monday I have to present to my WI group the two choices for this years resolution. The WI is a pressure group which lobbies parliament on topics chosen by its members. Previous topics have included campaigning for more midwives, raising the profile of organ donation, the plight of the honey bee and supporting the dairy farmers. This year the two topics to be voted on at the AGM are; Food waste/poverty and appropriate care in hospital for people with dementia. My husband has worked in caring for elderly vulnerable adults and through him I have an understanding of the plight of those suffering from dementia. Having to spend time in hospital without always realising why and being separated from everyone and everything that is familiar to them can be terribly distressing and disorientating. Regarding the other topic for discussion, I undertook a short research project about food banks last year, exploring the way they operate and who they help. I am required to present both of these in an unbias and factual way, so am unable to take my soap box with me. A challenge!! My point really is that much of my outside activities cross over into my university studies and vice versa. Besides knowledge gained whilst undertaking the food bank research, I will draw on techniques learnt in the Coaching module to remain calm and non-judgmental, hopefully.

A supposedly calming hobby is gardening. The allotment is erupting with life, mainly weeds of course, which grow twice as fast as everything else. The chickens are kept busy with all the clearing they have to do! The ‘girls’ have given us many eggs over the last few weeks but some have started their moult so egg numbers have reduced slightly now, phew! Rhubarb is in abandance at the moment so there will be some wine production, along with crumbles, clafoutis and some rhubarb crumble muffins, which I plan to make this afternoon. When the sun is shining this is a wonderfully attractive time of year, just hope the good weather continues for a while.

Good luck to everyone with final assignments, dissertations and exam revision. Take full advantage of any help offered both at home and with study techniques, I know I will. Off to do a bit of baking now!


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