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The effects of the pandemics we are currently facing

As I mention in the video, here are some more useful links to keep you informed about the effects that Covid-19: 

Since making this video, another pandemic has decided to rear its head again, and this one is called racism. If you aren’t familiar with the current situation that is going on in America, I really encourage you to look into it! Black people are continually being mistreated and murdered as a result of racism and centuries of systematic oppression. Most recently, a peace keeper named George Floyd was murdered by a police officer using excessive force for no apparent reason- I’m sure most of you will have seen the horrific videos by now. I implore you to look into this case and the many cases that continue to come to light surrounding police brutality.

Please do not think that racism is an issue that is only of concern across the pond. The UK is not innocent of the mistreatment of black people, however, this is a conversation that we rarely have. Most recently, a mother and essential worker, Belly Mujinga died from Covid-19 after being spat on by a passenger whilst at work. The perpetrator has since been let off without any repercussions. I encourage you to interrogate your own thoughts and opinions on this situation and all of the situations that are coming to light, and ask yourself why you think the way that you do and what you can do to help. Below, I have  included a comprehensive link to a list of resources that highlight a variety of ways to help in this instance. Please use this as an opportunity to educate yourself on something that is too often overlooked. We are the future. #BlackLivesMatter 

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