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The Dark Days

Now, when I say dark, I don’t want anyone to start freaking out – for the most part it is just a poorly executed pun.

With November finally over and Christmas only 23 days away, it’s time I spoke about something that we all experience and often complain about. I normally wake up around ten-eleven-twelve-one-two-ish and when I do, I am greeted by a mirage of grey ‘light’ outside of my window. I say ‘light’ because I’m not sure if they greyness of this November can actually be classified as sunlight but it technically wasn’t black. Once I’m awake, I shower, grab something to eat, go to my seminar or lecture and walk back to my accommodation in PITCH BLACK DARKNESS. The sun sets literally at 4pm and if I’m completely honest, it has taken a major toll on me this past November. 

I don’t want to scare anyone but I feel like it’s something that I would’ve liked to know about before I got to university because it was something I never even thought about. I’ve been in England for about 14 years now and every year I have lived through the great British winter but this year has been a winter like no other. I think, with all the other university responsibilities and the greyness and the wet weather, I’ve found it really difficult to stay motivated. I’ve always been someone who thrives in summer so when it starts getting colder and darker it is always harder to get out of bed but I found that being at university there’s been almost an added pressure in a way which I never expected. Being here without your usual support system, struggling through your readings and essays and seminar prep it can get really difficult to just enjoy yourself. 

The reason I brought this up under the whole topic of it being dark outside is because in a way it’s like pathetic fallacy, day and night just seem to roll over into one long day and before you know it it’s December 2nd, your MELS portfolio is due in 10 days and you’ve not even planned your essay yet. Now, obviously that’s a me issue but my point is that, November is a tough month for a lot of us and I want you to know that when November comes around next year, you  don’t feel like it’s just you and no one can understand. I promise you, you’ll get through it so my advice to you would be to make the most out of your time when you get here. Keep yourself busy during the first 3 months because you’re going to get homesick, you’re going to feel a bit grey, but the worst thing you could possibly do is to keep yourself locked up in your room. 

And as I type these last sentences, embracing this gorgeous 15:40 sunset, I wish you a great December and congratulations if you recently got your offer to come study at Warwick! 

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