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The Biggest Lessons I have Learnt at the University of Warwick

Over the past two years, there are quite a few things that I have learnt, related to Warwick University specifically and on a more general University note. Here are 25 things I have learnt over my University Experience:

1. Had a bad day? Fusion Bar will make it better.

2. Before you hop on that bus after your half day on Wednesday- check out the food market (on every other week), the burritos are to die for!

3. The gym genuinely does help with stress.

4. Never underestimate the importance of getting onto campus early- you get the best seats, in the best building, near the best coffee shops.

5. Converse are the best ‘going out option’- if people spill their drinks on you- who cares?

6. Tupperware is key to university life.

7. Be strict on your finances- stick to a weekly budget. Aka money management.

8. Make your room your safe haven, somewhere you enjoy working.

9. Everyone is keen to make friends in the first few weeks, so embrace it!

10. Mental health support on campus is brilliant, if ever you need it- use it.

11. Factor in ‘down time’- nobody likes all work and no play.

12. Kitchen roll is priceless- you don’t always want to use a towel to dry up mess.

13. Caffeine is a life necessity.

14. Enjoy first year- it may feel like a whirlwind of emotions, but it really is the best year!

15. All-nighters are risky, but sometimes a crucial.

16. Home visits can boost your spirit… and fill your tummy.

17. Back up your computer- from several occasions of personal experience, it is NOT worth the stress/tears.

18. Buy vegetables. Even if they’re frozen.

19. Following on from number 18- buy vitamins (especially if you don’t like vegetables)- it is NOT worth letting your health slip. Freshers’ flu can be mean.

20. Make plans- always have something to look forward to.

21. Download skype, whatsapp or facetime- keeping in contact with home can really help if you ever feel homesick or need a pick me up.

22. Use the ‘eating at warwick’ card- you get discounts on campus!

23. Talk to the people around you, having people that you can confide in really helps throughout the year.

24. If in doubt- google the temperature and conditions to wash clothes, miniature versions of your clothes are not useful on a student budget.

25. Join as many societies as you can in first year. This is something I really regretted. You literally lose nothing by joining multiple, then you can pick and choose what you carry on.

My Biggest Top Tip: let University teach you multiple lessons, I think (and REALLY hope!) it will prepare us all for when we leave University.

I think one day I’ll have a cupboard full of Tupperware and vitamins, never put a red sock in a white wash again, have a freezer full of frozen veggies, countless amounts of kitchen roll and still be fuelled by caffeine!

Hope this is helpful, please feel free to leave any questions and I will make sure I will reply!

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