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The big Term 2 roundup

Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

Last term, I wrote a blog post (here) in which I summed up my best and worst moments of the term. So here we are again, listing the great and the not-so-great things that happened in term 2!


Well, that pretty much sums it up. Term 2 is very weird in terms of my own perception of workload – it starts off quite nicely, and then just becomes a nightmare. In particular, I feel like the end of term 2 is always the toughest time of the year, even more than term 3. This is because it is now that the majority of the work has to be done. The day before my exams, I always have a nice “I’ve done everything I could” moment. Well, term 2 is when that everything has to be done, and it is not a walk in the park. It’s been tough, stressful and at times frustrating. But it is now or never (*high school musical reference intended*). Hard work will pay off, and if anything, this term has taught me a whole lot about hard work.

To end on a positive note, I have received so much support from my seminar tutors, my personal tutor and my dissertation supervisor. Never be afraid to ask for help!


A true highlight of the term has been taking part of the Code First:Girls programme. I have always felt like I needed to know at least something about programming, and this course was a fantastic opportunity. We covered the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, working on GitHub, and much more. It all finished with a group project in which we had to develop a website in basically a weekend – and although it is far from perfect, I am very proud that we went from knowing absolutely nothing to creating this! (check out here). It has been such a stimulating time, and definitely something I would have never thought I could remotely be able to do.

The PAIS Party

Each year, the PAIS department organises a big party where students and staff come together to enjoy free food, drinks and music. I had the absolute best time with my friends – the highlight was definitely “I Will Survive” (thank you, Trevor) and the 1970s/80s theme that followed. If you know me, you can only imagine how hyped I was. I am a bit obsessed with the 80s.

Chaplaincy pals

The Chaplaincy is where I like to work, and given the amount of hours I spend in there, I am very glad I am surrounded by great people. This term, we have been thoroughly enjoying planting virtual trees all together with the Forest app. Kate, one of our chaplains, organised a few official Pomodoro-style study sessions with refreshments during each break. The quality of my work increased significantly (no Phil, not because of your presence), and it is great to have such a lovely bunch of people working in the same space (no Phil, not you). The cover image is indeed from the chap – how sweet is that?

Another great moment was the Quiet Day organised by Kate, a day of rest, prayer and reflection. It was a lovely time – and Coventry Cathedral is definitely worth a visit, if you have never been there!

Other notable bits

– Varsity – as fencing, we live-streamed our match against Coventry at the piazza. It was great to see people watching and enjoying the match! And well done Team Warwick for yet another victory.

– Visiting Rolf the cat! But much more on this next month… watch this space.

– A lovely trip to Reading for my friend Alicia’s birthday – we were a large group and had such a good time!

– Just over a month till Eurovision. We are basically there.

– I still haven’t fixed my coffee machine. 


Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

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