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The best years of your life

Hey everyone,

With second-year exams fast approaching, I have somehow thought this is the perfect time to reflect on my experiences so far.

Now, before coming to university far too many people mentioned how university is by far the best experience they have ever had, far too many times. I sort off understood this, I mean it is the last few years before I enter the real world. However, I never truly appreciated how genuinely “life-changing” this experience would be, and well, I don’t expect you to either, because many of you probably won’t have real-life experiences to compare it to. *This sort off worries me because it implies that after two years, I will have reached the peak of my life!*

So, for one of my most cliche (but trust me, very honest too!!* blog posts:

University has inspired me in more ways than one. I am really grateful for every single opportunity I have had which has enabled me to grow as an individual.

Firstly, academically: As you know, I study Politics, something that I am hugely passionate about. I have really enjoyed expanding on my knowledge, discovering areas where my interests lie, and truly being able to engage with academics who are experts in their specific field. Along with this, Warwick has a huge focus on linking different disciplines. Throughout my degree, I have engaged with topics in History, Economics, Philosophy, and even Computer Science in my Comparative Politics module! I am certain that this has academic benefits as I often find myself questioning how a different discipline would answer my question at hand.

Secondly, a massive benefit of university which even employers seek: societies! I have been heavily involved in sports: mixed netball, running, squash, swimming and even ice skating! Never did I think I would get an ice-skating certificate, BUT I DID IT!!!!!! I have also been involved in various politics-related societies, Warwick Raising and Giving, Korean society (they hold amazing events!), and was the Socials Secretary for Krishna Consciousness this year. Societies are a great way to meet new people, continue doing things you love, and even to try out new things. Warwick is amongst the top universities for the total number of societies, and there is no doubt I have gained a lot from being involved in them!

Thirdly, on a more personal note: university is all about improving yourself. As a blogger, ambassador and part of the SSLC, I have become much more confident with public speaking and noted an improvement in my overall happiness as I am genuinely grateful for the skills I have gained! Warwick being a diverse university, I have also met many AMAZING students, all with different experiences and views to share. I have made some lifelong friends and I am sure I will be making many more! Spending a year abroad also isn’t something that I thought I would ever do, and hey – it is!

So, thank you Warwick for making my two years so far awesome, for sure I am looking forward to my final year after I come back from Australia!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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