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The Best Things About University Life

After being at Warwick for seven weeks, I feel really happy with university life. It’s a completely different experience from being at home, but I feel really comfortable here. The things that I’m enjoying most about university life are:



University life is independent in so many ways. As it’s my first time living away from home, I’ve never experienced it in this way before. From choosing exactly what to do each day to what to have for dinner, the independence that you gain when you come to university is so different to life at home. Even though it was a change for me, I found that I got used to it quickly, and love the level of freedom that living at university gives me.    


Social life

The choice of things to do on campus is huge. There’s different events on every day of the week (POP! is my personal favourite) and with so many societies having regular social events, the choice of things to do is almost endless. Even if you don’t feel like going out, you still won’t be bored. Living in student accommodation is a great social experience – in my flat we play games, eat together and have debates. University life can really be as social as you want it to be.    


Freedom of study

I really enjoy the lecture and seminar structure of teaching at university. It’s a very different way of learning from school but I prefer it as I’m now free to learn the information given to me in a lecture in the way that I think will be best for me, and can then discuss thoughts and ask questions in seminars. Although as a History student I do quite a lot of course reading each week, because of the freedom I have outside of my contact hours I’m always able to get it done and have free time to be social.

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