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The Best things about Being in a Campus University

Isabel Quah
Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

With Warwick being a campus university, as opposed to the spread of buildings commonly associated with many city universities in central London, the “Warwick Bubble” as many fondly refer to it as, definitely has it’s perks. The proximity of everything; from on-campus accommodation (for those still lucky to be living there), the departments, learning grids, cafes and dining areas- everything is quite accessible and the chances into bumping into friends and acquaintances are high.

The farmers market that is hosted at the piazza every other Wednesday on the piazza, is also something to look forward to and the fact that it is hosted right at the centre of campus makes the environment cheerful and buzzing with action and energy. This something would be lost in a city university. the fun themes in Curiositea, the weekly events in the Dirty Duck, as well as the various shows that are ongoing in the Arts Centre; there is always something to do around campus.

While some may not consider this to be entirely a blessing, due to the same old everyday sights, this adds to the overall aesthetic and ambiance of what Warwick’s unique charms. I recall the first time I visited campus when touring various universities across the UK, and despite having been to campus for the first time, the relative closeness of everything was one of the attributes that convinced me to apply here. While there may come instances when you start to get bored of the same old scenery and habitual walk, it is quite comforting knowing that everything is more or less in the same area and before you know it, navigating campus becomes close to second nature.

Another thing that is great about being on campus is that it is significantly less overwhelming compared to a city university, without the need to battle rush hour tube times and trek ridiculous distances in the chilly and wet British weather, across buildings to catch lectures. Additionally, with campus being big but small at the same time, its hard to go a day without bumping into so many familiar faces, especially as an international student far away from home, this can be especially comforting. Warwick’s campus with certainty, will hold special memories in my heart even years after I graduate.

Isabel Quah
Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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