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The Best Study Spaces On Campus

As we go into the second half of term 2, deadlines are looming and exams are closely approaching. I’m not going to lie, but I haven’t started revising yet (that can wait until Easter). I have a ton of work to do these next few weeks though, including 2 essays, 2 presentations, my dissertation and reading for all of my modules. I’m kind of stressed when I think about how I’m going to fit it all in the next 4 weeks, however it just means utilising the majority of my free time on campus and working as much as I can. Obviously you don’t want to exhaust yourself, as that’s something I wouldn’t recommend because you will literally go crazy – it’s important to have a balance. I’ll still be visiting Smack and making the most of it whilst it’s my final year of Uni!

Finding your perfect place to study on campus can take some trial and error. Sometimes it’s also good to switch things up and work in different places from time to time. If you’re not a fan of working on campus (or travelling to campus) and you prefer to work near home in Leamington, then you can have a read of my previous post about the best places to study in Leamington. However for those of you that find it better to work on campus, here are my favourite places to study!

1. The Library

This is probably everyone’s go-to place to do work, which means it can sometimes be super busy and hard to find an empty seat. However, if you go at a good time then you’ll find one! Wednesday afternoons are normally quite quiet too. The Library is great if you want to do group work, work on computers or do silent study. There are plenty of floors to visit – I tend to stick to Floor 4. Another perk is the Library café being close by so if you’re hungry you can make a detour there in your breaks!

2. Rootes Learning Grid

This study space isn’t huge so if you go after 3pm then it’s unlikely you’ll find an empty seat. However, Rootes is great if you want to do group work in the talking area or work silently in the quiet area. I also like Rootes because it’s really open with big windows, so it feels more bright and less closed off like the Library. Also, Rootes grocery store and Costa is nearby so it’s super convenient for food and drink, and you can quickly run to get the bus home too since the bus stop is directly outside.

3. University House Learning Grid

This can feel like a bit of a trek compared to the other places, but it’s only a 5-10 minute walk and I tend to stay there all day. There’s a café so you can grab food if need be, and not many people tend to go there so there’s always empty seats and you’re unlikely to get distracted by bumping into people you know. If you’re lucky, there might be workshops going on where they’ll be providing free tea and coffee, so you can get one of these too!

Those are my top 3 favourite places to study on campus, however there are many more! Your department may have a study area or common room that you can work in, or you can see if your department allows you to work in any availably empty classrooms. Try out different areas and see where you like best. I change all the time – last term I mainly worked in Rootes, now I’m always in the Library. However when I soon get bored of the Library or get too distracted from seeing mates all the time, I’ll move somewhere else. What is most important is to work where you’re most productive J

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