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The Best Student Apps

Staying on top of things and feeling positive is central to having the best University experience possible. So in this blog, I have put together a list of helpful Apps that will help you navigate your way through University.

One App that I completely rely on, and is entirely Warwick specific, is: My Warwick. The University created an App, that you can download on your phone, that tells you everything you need to know, day to day, on campus. This includes: personal timetables, emails, Eating At Warwick Credit, library books, coursework, deadlines, printer balance, buses, on campus events, traffic, available study space and even the weather! I live by this App!

Here are the rest!

  • Planner Apps: being able to see your weekly plan laid out in front of you can be super reassuring and keeps you on the ball. Most people have their phones on their person nearly all the time, so having an App such as Documents, which can access your files and PDFs, can be linked to Google Drive and Dropbox can show all your stuff in one place! You can edit Microsoft documents, annotate PDFs, browse photos and read e-books all in one app- for free. Students can spend a fair amount of time on public transport and this is an ideal app for making use of those times, especially if lifes getting a little busy!
  • To-Do Apps: at school a lot of people had planners or logbooks, which (despite being a pain in the butt to fill in) actually kept us pretty on track. So I apps such as Wunderlust which lay out your daily, weekly, monthly ‘To-Do’s’, you can make multiple lists, set reminders and collaborate with other Wunderlust users to make different projects. This is ideal for group work or even people who just like to what needs to be done. Oh and ticking things off the ‘To-Do’ list is certainly satisfying.
  • Google Drive: I have learnt first-hand that it is when your laptop crashes and you haven’t backed it up. So things like Google Drive mean you can store all the important stuff and no matter what system you’re using- you can still access it. It’s great for lazy-butt students who don’t want/forget to transfer it onto memory cards (like me!).
  • Lecture Capture Apps: there is nothing worse than feeling behind and anything ‘Lecture Capture’ is so helpful. We have all been there when the Lecturer speaks too fast, or the PowerPoint is full of information and you physically cannot write/type fast enough. So Lecture Capture based apps are For example SoundNote (iOS) is popular as it acts as a notepad and an audio recorder, so you can store an entire lecture in a visual and audio form. If it’s simply the Lecturers voice you want to capture then I highly recommend Audio Memos Free- The Voice Recorder. There are apps like this for both Android and iPhones and they are super helpful when it comes to revision or writing essays.
  • Revision Apps: perfect for exam seasone. Whether you respond best to flash cards or quizzes, there are plenty of Apps out there to help you. One example is StudyBlue, the largest crowdsources study library, which offers 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides for students. I mean, it’s a hard core study app. You can make and share study materials, track progress, set reminders and create custom quizzes. I personally respond best to flash cards and this is truly fantastic at helping you learn through being tested repeatedly. It’s great as you can access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Timetable Apps (for Android- Timetable or My Class Schedule, and for iPhone- Class Timetable): if you’re anything like me, I forget when and where my classes are. It’s shameful, but I have to check every single time. There are so many floors, so many rooms and they all look the same! A great one for Warwick in particular is My Warwick.
  • Bibliography helping Apps: doing your bibliography can be quite time consuming, so- especially if you’ve left it to the last minute- bibliography apps are brilliant. A great one if EasyBib which forms the academic references for any book simply from scanning the books barcode. It offers different referencing forms too, such as MLA, APA and Chicago styles. Sometimes it just a reassurance that you’re referencing your sources properly, I have googled countless times for help with writing bibliographies.
  • Find my iphone: losing that is not fun. So keeping Find My iPhone on is so easy and so reassuring. Last year we had someone come to our door asking if we had her phone as she had tracked it back to our house. My flat mate had picked it up the night before in a club, hoping to find who it belonged to!
  • Wake-up Apps: if you struggle to get up in the morning, this might be a good shout. With Alarmy: Sleep If You Can there is no chance of you oversleeping. It requires you to complete small tasks, such as take photos of something specific, or shake your phone up or down a number of times before the alarm turns itself off.
  • Fitness Apps: As a History Undergraduate, I find I’m sat on my butt a fair amount, so fitness apps are brilliant at telling how much exercise you need to do and how close to your target you are. Some are pretty normal such as 7 Minute Work Out, MapMyFitness or Fitbit… others not so chilled. For those that find running boring, there is actually an app called Zombies, Run! The app plays your own music alongside recorded audio depicting a zombie apocalypse- so you have to run from the infected. I’m not sure whether this is bizarre or sort of awesome!

I hope you found this an interesting blog post, please feel free to leave any comments and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

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