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The Best Places to Study on Campus

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A blog post about where to study on campus may seem hardly the most original of ideas but it is one always ripe for reinvention. Why? Because the answer for every student is different. The multitude of personalities across campus means the precise study area that provides the optimum location for getting lots of work done will always vary. Here then, I offer only what has worked best for me in my nearly three years of being at Warwick (when I haven’t been stuck at home because of the Covid-19 lockdowns, that is). 

1) The Library

Yes, an obvious answer, but one that fundamentally rings true. The library simply should have – on its online and physical database – everything you could possibly need to write the best essays and revise for your exams. It also provides an effective study environment too, that is if you’re in the right place. Over the Easter break, the floor two extension has become my second home. With window views out to the Chaplaincy and garden, it’s a lovely green space to admire when essays become that bit tricky.

2) The Students’ Union 

You may not think this location would figure predominantly in my list, given it is hardly a silent area. A space for groups to come together, it also has a variety of good working areas. Particularly early in the day, I’ve found the SU a brilliant place to complete some work in a relatively quiet way. Besides, maybe it’s just me, but I quite enjoy the people watching and seeing the world go by as I’m trying to get some seminar reading completed. 

3) Faculty of Arts

The new building on the block, it became a hub for lectures and seminars galore in term two. While I’ve not ventured onto one of its many floors over the Easter break so far, it is looking a more attractive prospect for work. Once you’re able to find a place to get some studying done, it can prove a great location for finishing that essential seminar reading. With wonderful views, the building is actually only at its loudest when the lessons change each hour. And yes, despite The Boar’s April fool, STEM students will still be allowed in during term three. 

4) The Oculus 

A building now sitting in the shadow of the Faculty of Arts building, the move of so many classes elsewhere has made the Oculus a far quieter place to study. While managing to find a plug socket can initially be tricky, you’ve got a range of working environments: from standard desks to comfy chairs and sofas, the seating environment you choose can reflect the exact intensity of the work you need to complete. Complimented by the smell of waffles, they can provide a good reward for completing the first draft of an essay.

5) The Arts Centre

A location I currently steward, this is a venue unsurprisingly at its busiest during the evenings. Why not make use then of its facilities during the day? Particularly early in the morning, the comfy seating by the cinemas can leave you in the perfect study environment to work. That is if you don’t sink into them and have a much needed nap.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Outside my degree, I am extensively involved with student journalism…
Find out more about me Contact Noah

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